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DAC II is based on 2 x PCM56 DACs- probaly the most refined sounding R2R DACs ever created. It come equipped with more sophisticated power supplies and powerful 6N6P/6N30P/5687/E182CC valve output stage with 6X5GT (or 5Y3) valve rectification. The DAC II has a similar analogue & musical character akin to DAC I but with a step up in low level musical refinement and presentation on another level. The circuit design is pure and elegantly simple with only one decoupling capacitor per channel in the signal path. Everything from input to output, including the mains inlet, the whole signal path is wired with specially selected copper conductors & dielectric- the same ones that are employed in our Genesis and Opus cables.

The DAC II is currently available in STD, SPX or Balanced versions.

DAC II STD and SPX Options

SW1X dac ii

SW1X Audio Design™ DAC II Features:

  • Pure NOS (Non oversampling – Zero Digital Domain Filtering) Design
  • Selected and Harmonically matched Component & Material Quality
  • Based on 2 x PCM56P K – the most refined 16Bit R2R DACs ever produced
  • Active I/V conversion via a special transistor (with less than 10 Ohm input impedance)
  • Pure Class A, Anode Follower, Zero Negative Feedback, Single Ended Valve Amplification Topology
  • 6N6P Double Triode Driver Valve Output Stage
  • Valve rectified CLC (choke filtered) B+ Power Supply
  • Discrete Transistor, Shunt Voltage Regulated Low Voltage Power Supplies
  • Circuit is wired with of a specially selected copper (single strand or Litz)
  • 2 x EI core Mains transformers for Split Dual Power Suplies of Digital and Analogue
  • SPDIF input supports up to 24Bit/96kHz (USB Optional Add-on)


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STD (SPX) Version: 1 x 6N6P, 1 x 6X5GT(6C4S) or 5Y3 SPX version

Note: Due to SW1X Audio Design’s ongoing research and development process, specifications are subject to change without notice.

SW1X DAC II Internals

SW1X DAC II Side view internals

SW1X Dac II Internals Rear View


Dimensions: Height (mm) 140 x Width (mm) 350 x Depth (mm) 410

Weight (kg): 9.6

Max Power Consumption (W): 18

Output Noise, Unweighted (mVrms): < 0.5

Output Impedance (K Ohms): <1