Mimic Cables originated from geekhack, a keyboard enthusiast community forum in 2012.  In the ensuing years, we've grown from humble beginnings into a manufacturer of headphone and speaker cables -- and in 2022, we've evolved further! 

From Mimic-Cables comes Mimic Audio, your soon-to- be one stop shop for all things headphone-related.  Our enthusiasm for business comes from a passion for music that began in our youth and continues through the present.  What is “this”? Could say “Our enthusiasm for business” or something similar.

Our business and the growth that supports it are based on years in retail and guided by the following principles:


1. Passion for Music:

Each one of us has our own connection to and love for music, be it growing up with Dollar Store headphones and tapes recorded off the radio, to creating our own music, to simply the feeling weget with the right song at the right time.  We love music, regardless of the source.

2. Unparalleled Customer Service:

Buying from Mimic Audio doesn't begin or end with the purchase.  We pride ourselves in doing everything we can to help our customers, beginning with ensuring that the right headphone was chosen for the task, so that the purchase will be as near-perfect and as satisfying as possible.

3. Interaction with the community-at-large:  

Wherever there's a community of passionate headphone users, there's someone from Mimic there to talk to.  And if there isn't, let us know and there will be!

4. Tireless pursuit of improvement:

We all know that to sit still is to atrophy.  We work daily on improving the customer experience, finding hidden gems, and maintaining customer engagement in our new and exciting releases – all in the continuous search for auditory satisfaction!


If you need us, please reach out:


@mimicaudio on instagram, telegram, and facebook

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