Viva Solista MK III

Sale price$29,500.00

Solista is a single-ended integrated amplifier that combines a preamplifier and a power amplifier in a single chassis.

Solista’s sound offers the highest level of musical accuracy and emotional expression.

Materials & Colors

Solista comes in a virtually unlimited array of colors. You can personalize your Solista to match your interior. Please contact for help with picking colors.

Feel the emotion of a live concert

Solista is made with the finest electronic and mechanical components and has a strict point-to-point hardwired construction. Its classic design is meant to simplify its installation and use. Solista is easy to manage and maintain. You do not have to worry about interconnected cables between separate amplification units or anything else.

“Viva has become well known not only for its superb tube electronics, but also for great industrial design.”

Garrett Hongo,


Dimensions w×h×d - 430×250×520 mm

Weight: 35 kg

Single-ended integrated amplifier

Triode tubes

Tube Complement - 2×6C45Pi; 2×6SN7GT; 4×845

Zero negative feedback pure class A operation

Real point to point circuitry

Four inputs, one direct input

Palladium plated proprietary solid copper binding posts