Viva Egoista STX 300b

Sale price$23,750.00

Viva Egoista STX is the newest addition to the celebrated Viva Egoista family of headphone amplifiers. Egoista STX is specifically designed for high-end electrostatic headphones like STAX or HiFiMan. Egoista STX is capable of realizing the full potential of electrostatic headphones that no existing amplifiers can match.
It is the first electrostatic headphone amplifier that can produce deep realistic bass. Effortless, clear sound, lack of distortion, natural tonal balance and ultra-wide dynamic range make Viva Egoista STX the best product in its class available on the market. Its performance will enchant the most demanding music aficionado and convince the most critical audio connoisseurs.

Materials & Colors

Egoista STX comes in a virtually unlimited array of colors of your choice. You can personalize your Egoista STX to match your interior. Contact us to discuss color options.


Dimensions w×h×d - 410×185×410 mm

Weight - 21kg

Inputs - 4 source inputs and 1 Direct Input bypassing the preamp stage

Outputs - 2 × Five Pin Stereo Electrostatic Headphone Jack connectors

Zero negative feedback pure class A operation

Tube complement - 2 × 300B; 2 x 6C45Pi; 2 x 6H30PI