Viva Egoista 2A3

Sale price$15,500.00

Egoista 2A3 continues Viva's state-of-the-art amplifier design traditions, offering a blend of incredible sonic characteristics built on a smaller chassis. Tube enthusiasts love 2A3 power tubes for speed, articulation, detail, incredible tonal range and timbre accuracy. Egoista 2A3 delivers it all with unsurpassed dynamics, driving headphones with authority and ease.

Leading hi-fi industry publication called Egoista 2A3 “addictive” and its sound “always so smooth and engaging.” According to Audiotraveller review, Egoista 2A3 “may well be the best-sounding amplifier on the market.”

Materials & Colors

Egoista 2A3 comes in a virtually unlimited array of colors. You can personalize your Egoista to match your interior. Contact us to discuss color options.


Dimensions w×h×d - 410×185×410 mm
Weight - 19 kg

Inputs - 4 × RCA

Outputs - 2 × Headphone Jack Outputs

Zero negative feedback pure class A operation

Tube complement - 2 x 6C45Pi; 2 × 2A3