Triangle Borea Active BR03 BT

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Finish: Oak Green

Triangle Borea Active BR03 BT - Wireless Bluetooth

The BR03 BT speakers create a powerful all-in-one Hi-Fi system with multiple features. The BR03 BT have been designed for modern and versatile use.

They offer vast possibilities to meet every need: ease of use with high-definition Bluetooth aptX music streaming, a phono input to connect a vinyl turntable, an optical input for a TV screen and a SUB output for a subwoofer association. Genuine Hi-Fi system, the BR03 BT integrate a Class-D amplifier with an output of 2x60 Watts RMS. Equipped with an EFS fabric dome tweeter combined with a 16.5 cm midrange/bass driver from the range, these bookshelf speakers offer a rich and high-performance sound image with a powerful bass controlled by the associated electronics. Easy to position on dedicated speaker stands or furniture, the BR03 BT can provide sound for large listening rooms of up to 40m2.

A remote control with a range of more than 15 meters regardless of obstacles (walls, furniture, etc.), a power cable and a 3m speaker cable to connect the amplified speaker to the passive speaker are provided with the speakers.

Borea BR03 BT with bluetooth 5.0

Bluetooth 5.0 aptX HD Low Latency

Designed to meet everyone’s needs, this new amplifier features the latest generation of Bluetooth v5.0 technology.

It allows you to freely stream your music wirelessly from any Bluetooth device. Enjoy high quality sound thanks to the aptX HD Low Latency codec, delivering audio processing based on up to 24-bit/48kHz sampling rate.

Borea BR03 with turntable


For vinyl enthusiasts

The amplifier of the BOREA Active speaker integrates a MM Phono preamplifier, which allows you to connect your turntable directly to the active speaker and enjoy a warm sound when listening to your 33 & 45 rpm records.

In partnership with the famous Austrian manufacturer PRO-JECT, Triangle has also developed a turntable designed to create an elegant and uniform all-in-one package.  The turntables will be available in 4 finishes in September 2022.

Borea BR03 bt with home theater


Fuller experience with movies & series

Equipped with an optical or coaxial digital input, you can connect your TV to enjoy a rich and detailed sound.

Placed on each side of your screen, they provide high quality stereo sound. There is also a SUB output to connect a subwoofer, such as the Talés 340 for a fuller experience.

White borea br03 bt with turntable


Elegance & sobriety

Thanks to their 5 trendy finishes, in a retro-chic spirit, the BOREA Active speakers provide a delight for the ears and the eyes, boldly blending trendy colors and timeless woods.

The oblong-shaped magnetic grilles reveal remarkable contrasts on the cabinetry, bringing a distinctive personality to each finish

Borea BR03 bt rear

Power & Versatility

Complete amplifier and connectors

New amplifier delivering class D power, brilliantly handling, and controlling the dynamics of the loudspeakers.- 2x60W for the BR03 BT

Designed to meet everyone’s needs, this new amplifier has numerous analog and digital inputs (Bluetooth, RCA/Phono, Mini-Jack 3.5mm, Optical -S/PDIF, Coaxial).

Borea Br03 bt in black

Premium, Reliable Construction

The BOREA Active speakers are built in line with the rest of the range.

Made from layers of HDF, they also incorporate an innovative DVAS* system to absorb the vibrations generated by the movement of the bass drivers. This important research on the vibratory behavior of the speaker reinforces this notion of neutrality and clarity when listening.

They also benefit from TRIANGLE’s latest generation of drivers, an EFS fabric dome tweeter combined and a midrange/bass driver in natural cellulose paper.

Borea Br03 bt accessories



Accessories included

The speakers are supplied with a remote control, allowing the speakers to be controlled from more than 15 meters away, regardless of obstacles (walls, furniture, etc.). A 3m white OFC copper speaker cable, a 220V power cord and eight adhesive anti-slip feet for decoupling are also included.

Borea Br03 bt on stands

To go to the next level


Dedicated speaker stands to place bookshelf speakers at ear level when seated: Compatible S01, S02 et S04 and available in Black and white*.

(*See models and finishes available)

Number of Drivers 2
Number of Ways 2
Sensitivity 90 dB/W/m
Frequency Range 47 Hz – 22 KHz (+/- 3 dB)
Power Handling 2 x 60 W
Nominal Impedance 8 Ω
Minimum Impedance 4,2 Ω
Bluetooth Bluetooth 5.0, aptX, aptX HD, aptX Low Latency, SBC, and AAC audio
Input AUX mini-jack 3.5mm,Optique Toslink, Coaxiale, RCA (LINE/PhonoMM)
Output Subwoofer
DIMENSIONS (inch) 206 x 360 x 314 mm
Weight 14.2 Kg