SW1X VDT IV Special

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Valve Digital Transport Player & Streamer

VDT IV – Valve Digital Transport is a radically different approach to a modern digital source. Essentially, it follows the same approach of a CD based digital transport just comes without a CD pick up mechanism but with a mini computer that accesses a media storage drive instead. In order to achieve maximum analogue, musical & organic sound character unheard of digital source, VDT employs minimum quantity of transistors and maximum quantity of valves. Even the CPU (hardware and OS)- playback control part is reduced to an absolute minimum. This is done on purpose in order to have maximum musicality, highest possible quality of power supplies and to minimize all possible time domain distortions within the digital domain. Everything is designed to be UPnP & DLNA ready- just connect & discover the device on your network & control the playback of your music media via touch screen or another device. Last but not least, all our digital sources are designed to be ideal partners to our DAC products, maximizing their musicality and analogue character.


SW1X Audio Design™ VDT IV Valve Digital Transport Player Features:

  • Valve Master Clock – the Heart of Digital
  • Valve Output Stage for the SPDIF signal Output
  • Valve Rectified Power supply of the Output Stage
  • Discrete & independent Linear Power Supplies for CPU, Master Clock & Output Stages
  • Integrated SSD Storage

Specially Selected and Harmonically Matched Component & Material Quality

  • Minimum amount of SMD components
  • All Capacitors, Resistors, Transfromers & Chokes are of Highest Quality as used in our DACs and Amplifiers
  • SW1X Audio Design™ M6 grain orient EI core Mains Transformers & Chokes (SHiB double C-core available as an option)
  • Internally wired exclusively with our SW1X Magnum, Genesis and Opus conductors of various geometry (single strand or Litz)
  • Copper Foil in Oil Signal de-coupling Capacitors
  • AB 2W non-magnetic Carbon film Resistors

Power Supply

  • Valve Rectified Power supply of the Output Stage
  • Valve rectified and Choke filtered Power Supply for the Master Clock
  • Valve rectified and Choke filtred Power Supply for the SPDIF signal Output Valve Output Stage
  • Discrete Transistor, Shunt Voltage Regulated Low Voltage Power Supplies
  • Powered by 3 x audio signal grade M6 EI core Mains Transformers: 1 x Master Clock, 1 x SPDIF Output and 1 x for the CPU

Audio Playback

  • Coaxial SPDIF Audio Output, PCM up to 192 kHz 24/32 bit
  • AES/EBU Audio Output, PCM up to 192 kHz 24/32 bit
  • USB Audio Output, PCM up to 768 kHz 32 bit


  • 1 x Valve powered SPDIF
  • 1 x AES/EBU
  • 1 x I2S
  • 3 x USB 2.0
  • 1 x RJ45 Gigabit Eithernet LAN
  • 1 x HDMI (optional)

    Operation System

    • Audio playback optimised Linux or ArchLinux based OS such as Volumio (standard) or similar
    • Supported Formats WAV, FLAC, DSD, Alac, Aac, Vorbis, Cue, Mp3 and others
    • UPNP DLNA Renderer with Open Home support
    • Supported Services Airplay via Shairport Sync, Spotify & Spotify Connect, TIDAL & TIDAL Connect, QOBUZ

    User Control Interface

    • Web Browser or App Based

    Tube Compliment:  Master Clock 1 x 6DJ7 (ECC88) & 1 x EZ80,

    Output Stage 1 x EC86, 1 x 6X5, 1 x 5Y3


    Dimensions: Height (mm) 145 x Width (mm) 445 x Depth (mm) 410

    Weight (kg): 15

    Max Power Consumption (W): 100