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Model: PRE II

SW1X PRE II Line & Phono Pre-Amplifier

The PRE II is a pure class A, Output Transfomerless (OTL) line pre-amplifier with Power Valve Output Stage. Employing 6V6 power tubes at the output makes the PRE II a smaller brother to the SW1X PRE IV pre-amplifier. It is great enhancement to any tube power amplifier and ideal partner to our DAC I, II and III STD/SPX and LPU I & II Phono products, reducing their output impedance further and enhancing their sound with fullness and authority. With a help of of a PRE II, any source becomes unleashed to drive subsequent power amplifiers to its full potential.

Available with a supercharged LPU Phono stage denoted as PRE II LPX and can be ordered with differnt series of SW1X Stepped Attenutator Volume Contols.

SW1X pre ii

SW1X Audio Design™ PRE II Line Pre-amplifier Features:

  • Harmonically matched Component & Material Quality
  • Output Transfomerless (OTL) 6V6GT Power Valve Output Stage
  • 1 x Double triode 6SN7 driver, 2 x 6V6GT Triode Connected Power Valve Amplificaton Design
  • Hybrid Point 2 Point Hardwiring Technique for the most consistent production results
  • 5Y3 Directly heated Tube rectified CLC (choke filtered) B+ power supply
  • For maximum transparency & dynamics, the circuit is hard wired with of a specially selected conductors (single strand or Litz)
  • Internally wired exclusively with our SW1X Magnum, Genesis and Opus conductors
  • 1 x SW1X Audio Design™ Stereo, 24 Way, discrete resistor Stepped Attenuator (SPX Version)

Tube Compliment:  2 x 6V6GT, 1 x 6SN7, 1 x 5Y3

PRE II Pre II Internals



Note: Due to SW1X Audio Design’s ongoing research and development process, specifications are subject to change without notice.



Dimensions: Height (mm) 150 x Width (mm) 330 x Depth (mm) 400

Weight (kg): 10 (with LPX Phono, 12kg)

Max Power Consumption (W): 110

Output Noise, Unweighted (mVrms): < 0.5

Output Impedance (Ohms): 10