Spirit Torino Radiante (Ragnarr)

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Model: Radiante
Cable Length: 1.2m
Termination: 3.5mm

Spirit Torino Radiante

Radiante specifications

Radiante Ragnarr

Radiante Ragnarr

Radiante Hi-Fi Closed-Back Headphones

The Radiante project contains a concentration of technological solutions that make it the most advanced closed headset on the market.
This headphone, winner of the Gold Metal at the Headphone Festival in Tokyo 2019, tackles the complex issue of closed-end music reproduction using innovative technology.

Radiante on head gif

External passive radiator

For the first time, an external passive radiator is used in a headset with the function of regulating the pressure inside the closed chamber.
Filtered pressure compensation duct
An acoustically filtered duct is used in the chamber of the pad to prevent pressure on the eardrum and ensure optimal sound insulation.
Partializer filter for fine tuning
A filter positioned in front of the drive allows changes in the frequency response by means of a rotation that partializes the open surfaces.
This fine tuning allows to refine the sound reproduction according to the listener’s requirements or taste.


A listening session with the Radiante never leaves one indifferent, its natural inclination to rhythm involves the listener making him or her soon clap stomp away with the music.
The Radiante prefers a passionate approach to music, accompanying the user on an overwhelming musical journey.


Spirit Radiante Driver Breakdown

A Concentration of Technology at the Service of Music

Radiante is made entirely of aluminum and provides for  a complex management of pressure flows through specially designed and filtered ducts to ensure comfort and sound insulation.

Radiante cup opened

All a Game of Pressure

Developing this headphone we understood the importance of making our eardrum work without pressure as often happens in closed headphones.

With Radiante you will not have that annoying feeling of a sound cave and the sounds will be natural

radiante low listening volume pressure

High volume radiante pressure

A powerful engine is at the secret of our headphones.

You will listen to your favorite music from an all-Italian perspective, characterized by a passionate, explosive and refined sound.

Spirit Drivers

Dinamat driver coating

Thanks to our anti-reflection and anti-resonant treatment with Dinamat Extreme you will be able to perceive the smallest sound details even at realistic volumes.


We have developed the Radiante ear-pads in strict collaboration with Dekoni, the leading headphone ear-pads manufacturer.

Shape, tilt, surface treatment … nothing has been left to chance.
But the choice of materials is the real highlight of this project.

  • Very finest leather for the side surfaces, identical to that used for headbands
  • Alcantara for the part that rests on the ear.

Alcantara, besides being a product of excellence Made in Italy, guarantees an exceptional performance package: you will realize that when wearing the headphones for several hours.

Spirit detachable Cable

Spirit cabling is an integral part of the project

We devote a lot of attention to the development of the cables because they greatly influence the final tuning of our headphones.

The delicate balance that will allow you to hear the timbre of a Stradivarius or the stringing of the skin of a drum has been fine-tuned through hundreds of listening hours.

Spirit Detach cable options

TECHNOLOGY Passive radiator Spirit System
DRIVE 1x drives Spirit
CABLE LENGTH 1,2 m -2,2 m detachable cable by Portento Audio
HEADPHONE TYPE Closed circumaural
FREQUENCY RESPONSE 18-32.000 hz calibrated on isophonic curves
WEIGTH (without cable) 370 gr
PAD  Leather/Alcantara + Ventilation Pad System