Sophia Electric Royal Pricess 300B Tubes Limited Edition

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Sophia Electric Royal Princess 300B Tubes Limited Edition

Positive Feedback Review (click here for complete review): "...the Royal Princess is much better through the mid-range than the Western Electric was. It's also no contest in the bass, as the Royal Princess has better bass depth, definition, impact, and articulation than any vacuum tube not just 300B tubes. I have ever encountered when driving my Tannoy Westminster Royal SE loudspeakers it is simply incredible! The highs too, are extended, refined, and have a naturalness to them that is breathtaking to hear..."

--Jeff Day ( response to the review)

As a staff reviewer for I have been on a marathon reviewing both mono-block and integrated 300B amplifiers. Some are push/pull, single-ended and parallel designs. In any of these amps when I replaced the Full Music 300B stock tubes with the Sophia Electric Princess mesh plate 300b tube, the performance was significantly improved across ever measure. Read my prior statement here on the Sophia Electric, Inc. website for the exact specifies of why the Princess mesh plate is such a superlative sounding tube.

In that short review I stated "what the heck would their Royal Princess 300b sound like" because it was hard for me to believe that it could perform even on a higher level than the Princess mesh plate. Well, it does and at a level that is not just a touch better, but goes to a much a higher level across the total sonic spectrum. Here's what I have heard:

1) The most natural tone and timbres I have ever heard in my reference system.

2) The overall macro-dynamics/power has increased as if my system was being "turbo-charged" in its delivery.

3) More micro-dynamics and details with even a lower noise floor.

4) The high end extension and air is the best I have ever gotten out of my Lawrence Audio Cello speakers that use AMT drivers on the top end.

5) Another very special quality of the Royal Princess tube is how it brings you that much closer to the emotional content of the music you are listening to.

So, when I posed the question "what the heck would their Royal Princess 300b sound like", the answer is like beautiful/natural music floating into your listening space. Quite magical, indeed!

Terry London, Staff Reviewer for

Sophia Electric applied all expertise learned from the past to this new flagship Royal Princess 300B model. It has the best virtues of both Princess mesh plate and Princess carbon plate 300B tubes and sound light-years ahead of any 300B tubes made in the history including both Sophia Electric Princess Carbon Plate 300B and Princess Mesh plate 300B tubes that won worldwide praises.

From the outside, the Royal Princess 300B tube looks similar to Carbon Plate Princess 300B (share the same glassware enclosure), however, the design philosophy is quite different and the internal design and material is different as well. You have to listen to it to hear the dramatic sonic upgrade. I am confident that you will report the positive outcome once you have tried the Royal Princess 300B tubes.


$1,500 per premium matched pair with one year warranty.