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Equipped with newly developed “Pina Align Diffuser”

A new flagship headphone with a different approach than the D8000

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Equipped with newly developed “Pina Align Diffuser”
A new flagship headphone with a different approach than the D8000

The D7000 is a product that we have continued to research and develop since the initial concept of our first flagship headphone, the D8000, announced in 2017, while searching for the ideal structural design. After developing a driver equipped with a newly designed "Pina Align Diffuser" and a more efficient "AFDS: Air Film Damping System (hereinafter referred to as AFDS)", the long-awaited new flagship alongside the D8000 and D8000 Pro Edition. It has now been commercialized.
*…“AFDS: Air Film Damping System” is a trademark or registered trademark of final Co., Ltd.

In addition to a sound that combines the delicate high range of a planar magnetic field type with the volume and open bass of a dynamic type, it also has high resolution, especially for voice and string bands, and achieves a glossy and smooth sound. .

In addition, by reviewing the entire design, we succeeded in reducing the weight by approximately 16% compared to the D8000 and D8000 Pro Edition. Furthermore, the headband and ear pads are made of a special fabric made from Japanese paper that is both dry to the touch and durable, achieving high durability.

Equipped with newly developed “Pina Align Diffuser”

We have incorporated into headphones the concept of acoustic adjustment using diffusion, which is becoming standard in professional recording studios with the latest acoustic design.
We had the idea of incorporating a diffuser early on in the development of the D8000, but it took a long time to develop something suitable for the special conditions inside the headphone housing. In addition, while measurements using measuring instruments under ideal conditions yielded good results, when listening with the actual ears, the shape of the outer ear (pina) differs from person to person, resulting in large differences in sound quality. To solve this problem, we repeatedly conducted simulations and actual hearing experiments that matched various outer ear shapes, and finally arrived at the shape of the diffuser that was optimal for every user.

Balances the delicate high range of a planar magnetic field type with the volume and open bass of a dynamic type.

"Low range with a sense of openness and sufficient volume"
In the conventional planar magnetic field type, the diaphragm comes into contact with the magnet at low frequencies where the amplitude increases, so it is necessary to raise the lowest frequency of bass that the driver unit can reproduce. In order to compensate for the lack of bass as is, the inside of the ear pad is sealed and the front of the diaphragm is a closed space.

This is the same principle that allows earphones that are sealed with an earpiece to reproduce low frequencies despite their small size. By sealing the inside of the ear pad, it is possible to reproduce bass tones down to the low frequency range, but the bass is played in a closed space similar to earphones.

In the D7000, AFDS solves the problem of the diaphragm coming into contact with the magnet, making it possible to lower the lowest bass frequency that the driver unit can reproduce. In combination with breathable ear pads, this enables bass reproduction with both a sense of volume and openness that could only be achieved with an excellent dynamic type.

"Delicate high range"
In order to reproduce delicate high frequencies, it is paramount that the diaphragm be lightweight. The D7000 has a vibration system that is approximately 1/3 lighter in weight than a dynamic type with the same diameter, and has a structure in which an extremely thin aluminum foil coil is etched into an ultra-light film diaphragm. This eliminates the need to use adhesive to bond the coil and diaphragm, which was indispensable with dynamic types, fundamentally solving problems caused by adhesives and realizing delicate high-frequency reproduction.

"A combination of the delicate high range of a planar magnetic field type and the volume and open bass of a dynamic type"
By combining the delicate high frequencies of a planar magnetic field type with the volume and open bass of a dynamic type, the D7000 allows you to discover new things from familiar music, and makes you want to listen to your favorite music again and again. This is a product that allows you to experience the excellent sound quality and the opportunity to touch the deeper parts of music.

Developed a more efficient "AFDS: Air Film Damping System"

Conventional planar magnetic field driver units have had the problem that the diaphragm comes into contact with the magnet at low frequencies, where the diaphragm's amplitude increases. To solve this problem, we repeated diaphragm simulations using the finite element method and measurements using a laser Doppler vibrometer, and established a new diaphragm damping technology called ``AFDS: Air Film Damping System.'' This solves the problem of low bass reproducibility, which was a weakness of the planar magnetic field type. This technology can be said to be a reinvention of the planar magnetic field type.

For the D7000, we have reconsidered the shape of the diaphragm's coil part and punched metal, making it possible to brake the diaphragm more efficiently in accordance with the physical characteristics that the D7000 aims for.

Designed for long-term use and easy repair

After purchase, we designed it so that almost all parts can be disassembled with screws so that you can use it for a long time. Allows for repairs and future upgrades.

Aluminum magnesium alloy cutting casing

In order to establish AFDS, extremely high precision is required compared to general driver units. Therefore, the aluminum-magnesium alloy machined casing is machined with high precision.

Produced in our own factory in pursuit of precision

The D series is manufactured at our headquarters in Kawasaki. The accuracy of product assembly depends not only on the accuracy of the parts, but also on the accuracy of the jigs that assist in assembly. We design and manufacture production jigs in-house so that slight variations in component precision can be fine-tuned during assembly.

We also develop exclusive products for the D series, including production equipment such as diaphragm molding machines and measuring instruments such as diaphragm tension meters.

In order to create truly good products, we need to step into the process of manufacturing parts that are close to the raw materials. The great thing about made in Japan is that you can get cooperation from manufacturers close to the materials. We achieve high quality products by consistently controlling the process from the source of the parts (materials) to the assembly of the product.

Comes with a special protective case that can also store various cables.

The product and accessories are stored in a special protective case that is convenient to carry. It can be locked using the included special key.

Newly developed open ear pads made of special fabric using Japanese paper

Not only closed-type headphones, but also so-called open-type headphones often have their ear pads sealed to extend the characteristic playback frequency to low frequencies that the driver unit cannot originally reproduce. However, in order to express high-quality low frequencies with the natural spaciousness inherent to the sound source, the driver unit itself has the ability to reproduce low frequencies, and on top of that, ear pads with low airtightness and ventilation are required. Must be used. However, all conventional planar magnetic field types and many general dynamic types lack low frequency with ear pads that are poorly sealed.

In the D series, we were able to extend the low frequency playback band using AFDS, so it is possible to reproduce sufficient low frequencies even with poorly sealed ear pads using only the ability of the driver unit. The ear pads, which have a major impact on sound quality, are newly developed products for the D series made of highly breathable foam and special fibers. The D7000 uses a special fabric that uses Japanese paper as its surface material, which is both dry to the touch and durable. The same material is also used for the headband, making it resistant to moisture and highly durable.

Differences in sound quality of D7000/D8000/D8000 Pro Edition

By using newly designed drivers such as the newly developed "Pina Align Diffuser," the D7000 delivers sound that combines the volume and open bass and delicate treble that are the hallmarks of the D8000 and D8000 Pro Editions. It has a high resolution in the string and string bands, and is also a little closer to the ear, making it sound very smooth.

In contrast to the D8000, which was good at listening to classical music with a wide dynamic range, the D8000 Pro Edition provides sound quality with more resolution when listening to music with a narrow dynamic range, such as pops and rock. I am. On the other hand, "D7000" seems to be located right in the middle.