Noble Audio FoKus Triumph (Pre-Order)

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The FoKus Triumph is a prime example of Noble's pursuit of sonic perfection in a TWS package. The FoKus Triumph utilizes a custom made 6.5mm dynamic driver coupled with a Cowell xMEMS driver.  xMEMS drivers, which are a relatively new driver technology, are known for providing:

  • Distinct, high-quality sound
  • Excellent high frequency fidelity due to integrated silicon membrane with high resonant frequency
  • Faster response due to direct piezo drive

The Triumph's two drivers work seemlessly together to provide deep yet controlled bass, rich mids, and crystal clear highs so that you hear all of the details that are often muddied and lost in a single driver TWS.

The FoKus Triumph utilizes the incredibly stable and tested Qualcomm SoC QCC3071 chip and Bluetooth 5.3. It supports LDAC, Snapdragon Sound, SBC, AAC, APTX, and APTX adaptive sound codecs.  Since the QCC3071 chip is utilized, transparency mode, true wireless mirroring, multi-pairing, and multi-connection are all supported.

The seamless ergonomic shell is 3D printed with a semi-custom low profile shape, a hand painted faceplate, a stainless steel nozzle with a reduced diameter compared to the FoKus Mystique and FoKus Prestige, and an embedded touch sensor. 

Battery life is an expected 7.5 hours at 50% volume. The designer charging case is wrapped in Alcantara, has wireless charging, and a 500mah battery which delivers 4 extra charges.

The FREE "Noble FoKus" app can be found on Google Play and Apple's App store, and features a 10 band equalizer with presets and the ability to create your own custom presets. The equalizer feature includes a hearing test function that will personalize your EQ settings based on the results of the hearing test.  Transparency mode can be controlled by the app as well.

Note that the Noble FoKus Triumph is a premium headphone. It will handle the occasional sweaty workout, but it is not recommended that the FoKus Triumph be submerged in water or worn in the shower.