Neotech NEVD-5001 Coaxial Cable

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Length: 0.5 M

Neotech NEVD-5001 Coaxial Cable

Digital coaxial S/PDIF cable Neotech NEVD-5001 with a characteristic impedance of 75 ohms, precisely maintained along the entire length, provides undistorted transmission of a digital stream with a minimum level of jitter. The central solid conductor is made of UPOFC ultra-pure oxygen-free copper. The cable is double shielded for reliable protection against electromagnetic interference and noise reduction. Foamed polyethylene is used as a dielectric, which provides low capacitance per unit length and high signal transmission rate with minimal losses.

Comes with Neotech 24K gold-plated RCA connectors.

Cable type Digital COAX
Conductors material UPOFC ultra-pure oxygen-free copper
Connectors plating Gold 24k
External diameter 7.0 mm
Shielding Aluminum mylar foil and oxygen-free copper braid
Insulation Polyethylene Foam
White Pearl