Neotech NEVD-4001 Coaxial Cable

Sale price$50.00

Length: 0.5 M

Neotech NEVD-4001 Coaxial Cable

The Neotech NEVD-4001 coaxial S/PDIF cable with a wave impedance of 75 ohms, precisely maintained along its entire length, provides undistorted digital stream transmission with minimal jitter. The SP-OFC silver-plated oxygen-free copper center conductor improves cable conductivity and improves sound quality at mid and high frequencies. Foamed polyethylene is used as a dielectric. Neotech NEVD-4001 has a four-layer shielding of alternating layers of aluminum-mylar foil and braided oxygen-free copper shields for 100% protection against electromagnetic, microwave interference and noise reduction.

The cable comes with 24k gold-plated Neotech RCA connectors. The cable comes in a branded blister pack.

Cable type Digital COAX
Conductors material SP-OFC Silver-plated oxygen-free copper
Core Cross Section 0.33 mm^2
Connectors plating Gold 24k
External diameter 6.2mm
Shielding Two layers aluminum mylar foil and two layers of oxygen-free copper
Insulation Polyethylene Foam