Neotech NEUB-1020 USB Cable

Sale price$170.00

Length: 1 M

Neotech NEUB-1020 - Male USB-A to Male USB-B 2.0 Cable 24k Gold Plated UP-OCC Silver

The Neotech NEUB-1020 class 2.0 AUDIO USB cable offers a formidable digital reproduction quality using innovative technologies that shake up the hierarchy of high-end USB cables.

Designed with pure silver OCC monobrin wires for each DATA + and DATA part - this cable contains treasures of sound fidelity with a high-end polyethylene sheath and 100% EMI shielding. This USB cable has optimized gold-plated USB plug.

The OCC process allows to obtain a larger and purer crystal, with a purity rate of 99.9998%. This ultra pure conductor ensures a cable with low electrical resistivity, higher signal transmission speed and greater resistance to twisting, oxidation and corrosion.

OCC Graph

Cable type Male USB-A to Male USB-B
Conductors material Single crystal UP-OCC pure Silver conductor
Connectors plating Gold 24k
External diameter 6.2mm
Shielding 100% shielded cable. Eliminate EMI interferences.
Insulation High Quality Polyethylene
Length 1m
Cable color White / Silver