ModHouse x Enleum Tungsten+HPA-23RMH

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Crafting unique, world-class products is a challenge, especially for small boutique manufacturers in the high-end audio sector. Yet, we at Enleum and Mod House Audio have independently made significant waves in the head-fi communities with our innovative designs, proprietary technologies, unparalleled performance, and pure musical enjoyment.
Enthusiastic reports had already highlighted the remarkable synergy between our standard products. However, after experiencing the combination firsthand, we knew we had to create something even more extraordinary.
The Enleum X Mod House Audio collaboration introduces special editions of each product. With these updates and enhancements, our products deliver a more powerful auditory experience, along with improved visuals and performance.


Tungsten is Mod House Audio’s first headphone designed from the ground up, representing the crowning achievement of over three years of research and development. The headphone features innovative planar magnetic drivers and carefully chosen design details. With these traits, Tungsten aims to achieve the best possible balance to provide the most well-rounded experience.
For this limited release, Enleum and Mod House have collaboratively selected a custom color scheme for the Tungsten. It features a unique blue paint for the 3D-printed cups, yokes, and rod blocks, designed to perfectly complement the amplifier. Gray bolts have also been chosen to match the Enleum logo, for the finishing touch. 
In addition to the custom Enleum blue color scheme on the headphones, the grills have been carefully crafted at Enleum’s class-leading casework facility. Using the same high-quality finishing processes, the custom Tungsten grills are designed to perfectly complement Enleum's signature color and finishes, ensuring a seamless match with the HPA-23RMH both aesthetically and functionally.


The Enleum HPA-23RMH is a next-level, reference-grade dedicated headphone amplifier showcasing Enleum’s renowned design and sound quality. This amplifier highlights Enleum's innovation and quality, delivering exceptional performance in a compact package. 
The standard HPA-23RM was already Enleum's most compact high-power headphone amplifier, delivering an equivalent power to the legacy HPA-21 in less than a quarter of the volume. The HPA-23RMH now takes it further with a reworked and enhanced power supply that maximizes output within its compact size.
Due to the intricate manufacturing techniques involved, only one master technician at Enleum can produce the HPA-23RMH. These efforts have resulted in a 35% increase in current output power (while voltage output remains unchanged), making the HPA-23RMH an even more ideal match for power-hungry planar magnetic headphones like the Mod House Tungsten.

Due to its limited availability in each production batch, sales will be exclusively handled by Enleum, Mod House, and our mutual US dealer, Mimic Audio. The first series of sales are limited to customers in the U.S., with U.S. shipping addresses. The lead time for this production batch is 4 to 6 weeks from the time of ordering.