Kinera Imperial URD

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  • 2 Sonions EST + 2 Titanium Coated Diaphragm Coaxial DD + 1 Kinera Customize 11021 BA
  • Impedance: 20 ohm
  • Sensitivity: 107db±2db
  • Frequency Response: 5Hz-50kHz
  • Modular 6N OCC + OCC with Silver Plated + OCC with Gold Plated Cable Plug with 2.5mm, 3.5mm and 4.4mm

    First 3D Faceplate For In-Ear Monitors

    Well Of URD Is With Deeper Connotation

    The faceplate is the surface of the lake, 3D printing is used to make a depression in the middle of the faceplate. It’s gradually rising to the edge of the faceplate, total 6 layers. By mixing special pigments of different shades, each layer of structure is separate cast and solidified. Finally present the water surface of the “Well of Urd” that nourishes the World Tree. It goes deep from shallow to deep, becoming deeper and deeper.

    The shell is a scene under the calm water: the sun is shining, the lake reflects the looming golden light, the deep water and the floating bubbles make Urd Spring look unpredictable. There is silt in the bottom of the lake, which is the sediment of history. If there is no silt, it will not be able to highlight the clarity of the lake.

    The past is like a deep pool. What we see is often a calm surface. Only when we explore deeply can we discover its rich layers and connotations.

    Technical Specification

    Reject The Abrupt, Just Let The Coordination Fill The Vocal Music World

    URD bass uses titanium crystal diaphragm coaxial double dynamic, through careful tuning, the characteristics of deep diving and fast transient response of this unit are brought into play. The high frequency adopts the Sonion new generation EST65DB01 composite double electrostatic unit to make the treble possess stronger ductility. The mid-range is connected by the dynamic driver 11021 custom by Kinera.

    Sonion EST65DB01 Composite Dual Electrostatic Driver

    Sonion new generation EST65DB01 composite dual electrostatic driver has an overall high frequency response of 3 db higher than the previous generation.  High frequency extension has been enhanced and the sound is clearer and brighter.

    8mm Titanium Coated Diaphragm Coaxial Dynamic Driver

    The 2 x 8mm Titanium Coated Diaphragm Coaxial DD has strong acoustic performance, large dynamics, rapid transient response, clear low frequency levels, and solid texture.

    Kinera Custom 11021 Balanced Armature Driver

    Kinera Custom BA 11021 is responsible for the intermediate frequency, making sweet female voice and strong magnetic male voice. Connected with the bass and treble.

    Modular 6N OCC + OCC With Silver Plated + OCC With Gold Plated Cable

    Because of special shielding structure, the coaxial earphone cable has the characteristics of stable impedance and high sound signal transmission efficiency. The original URD cable is made of high-purity OCC to ensure audio quality. The outer winding OCC with gold-plated and OCC with silver plated mixed material can effectively restore the sound details. Gold and silver can enhance high-frequency ductility and smooth the roughness of the sound, further improving the sound quality.

    What’s In The Box


    • Final Type E Eartips : Enhance bass, weaken dental sound
    • Foam Eartips : Rich vocals and deeper bass
    • K-07 Balanced Eartips ( Red, Green, Yellow Colour ) : More balanced sound
    • K-285-02 Vocal Eartips ( Skin Colour ) : Release high frequencies, pleasant vocals

    Weight Of Earbuds

    • The weight of earbud is only 5.5± g,  comfortable for wearing for a long time.

    Nozzle size

    • Nozzle size is 6.23mm, select different eartips to hear more possible sound.

    Package Contents

    • One pair of Kinera Imperial URD In-ear monitors.
    • One Modular 6N OCC + OCC With Silver Plated + OCC With Gold Plated Cable.
    • Modular Adapter 4.4mm & 3.5mm & 2.5mm.
    • Five pairs of Final Type E tips.
    • Seven pairs ( K-07 & K-285-02 ) of Kinera Custom ear tips.
    • Two pairs of Foam tips.
    • Storage Case.
    • Clean Brush.
    • User Manual.