Jomo 304 Boxster UIEM

Sale price$599.00

With the 304 Boxster, Jomo Audio (JM) manifests its best implementation in the mid-range. Capable of pulling out extremities in details and musicality in the entirety of the mid-range frequencies, the 304 Boxster succeeded in creating a lush and organic mid-centric sound signature that is suitable for vocals and acoustics enthusiasts as well as stage monitoring for vocalists and instrumentalists.

Paired with modern-day Pop music as well as the golden classics, the 304 Boxster manifests its organic analogue signature extremely well.

Engineered with the newest BA drivers developed in 2021, the 304 Boxster features a brand new JM (Live) crossover system allowing for a perfect implementation in the midrange frequencies. Enjoy distinct and highly accurate mids, extended high with a full bass response with this monitor.

304 Boxster UIEM comes with forged carbon fiber faceplate infused with soul red gold foils together with transparent red color solid resin shell chassis, topped with iconic metallic JM logo.


- 4 New Generation Balanced Armatures
- 1 low, 2 mids, 1 high
- 3 ways Tripartite crossovers
- 3 Bores

Frequency Range: 20Hz ~ 20KHz
Impedance: 34 Ohms