iBasso DC03 Pro

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Cable: Type-C
Finish: Grey

iBasso DC03 Pro - Type C to 3.5mm Portable USB Headphone Amplifier

iBasso has upgraded its classic DC03 USB DAC/AMP with the all-new DC03 Pro. With premium CS43131 DAC chips from Cirrus Logics, the DC03 Pro brings flagship-level performance to your smartphones. It is designed with a high-performance KDS femtosecond crystal oscillator for clean and precise audio signal decoding. DC03 Pro supports high-resolution PCM and DSD signals promising a quality experience for its users!!

Flagship-Grade Dual DAC Arrangement:-

iBasso DC03 Pro promises ultimate high-resolution audio performance with its flagship dual DAC arrangement. iBasso has featured dual CS43131 DAC chips that enable the DC03 Pro to achieve class-leading performance with ultra-low distortion and high SNR ratings. CS43131 is a premium 32-Bit DAC supporting true 32-Bit high-res signal decoding.

Japanese Femtosecond Crystal Oscillator:-

iBasso DC03 Pro features Japanese KDS femtosecond crystal oscillator. KDS is one of the top three Crystal Oscillator manufacturing brands in the world. With its help, DC03 Pro greatly reduces phase jitter and improves digital clock accuracy.

Clean & Transparent Sound performance:-

With a premium Dual DAC chipset and Japanese Femtosecond crystal oscillators, the DC03 Pro delivers quality performance with ultra-low harmonic distortion and a clean noise-free background. The device achieves an ultra-low noise floor of <0.9u. Paired with low output impedance, you get a great companion for sensitive IEMs.

Latest Application Support:-

DC03 Pro supports the latest version of the UAC application which has been fully upgraded with advanced features. It has 5 optional digital filters, three levels of gain modes, 100-level volume adjustment(using hardware keys), and different EQ functions.

Low Consumption, High-Power Output:-

DC03 Pro has been designed with premium audio circuitry that has been tuned for low power consumption but delivers high output power. It doesn’t burden your connected smartphone or tablet with heavy power requirements and at the same time provides close to 100mW of clean power through its 3.5mm headphone output port.

Exquisite, Premium In-hand Feel:-

iBasso has designed the DC03 Pro with an exquisite finish. The outer chassis is made using a high-precision CNC machined process with aluminum alloy material. It has tempered glass panels at the front and backside.


DAC: CS43131*2 Dual DACs.

THD+N: -111dB(32Ω load), -114dB(300Ω load).

Output Level: 2Vrms(300Ω), 1.77Vrms(32Ω).

Frequency response: 20Hz-40kHz.

Noise floor: <0.9u.


Output impedance: <0.12Ω.

Output Power: 98mW@32Ω.

Supported Decoding: 32-Bit/384kHz PCM and Native DSD256.

Weight: 10.5g.

Dimensions: 49.4x21x8mm.