iBasso AMP13

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iBasso AMP13

iBasso AMP13 is finally here. Designed with 6th Gen Korg NUTUBE, the AMP13 brings unique tube-like sound to your DX300 and DX320. Yes, you guys read it right, the latest AMP13 is designed specifically for the latest DX300 and DX320 Digital Audio Players from iBasso. iBasso has featured three-channel amplification on the AMP13 for maximized output performance. The single-ended output uses left and right dual-channel amplification supported by the OPA1622 for the ground signal amplification. AMP13 packs an all-new Vacuum Tube-like sound for your DX300/320.

Add A Tubey Touch To Your DX300/320:-

AMP13 packs the characteristics of a tube sound with its 6th gen Korg Nutube. It operates exactly as a conventional triode vacuum tube and provides the same rich and lush touch to the output signal. AMP13 gets voltage amplification through the vacuum Nutube giving the output a smooth, tubey sound.

Clean and Precise Tube Output:-

After the voltage amplification through the Nutube 6P1, the signal is supported by current amplification and digital volume control. This effectively reduces the background noise and presents the users with a clean and precisely detailed output.

Dual 3.5mm Headphone Sockets:-

iBasso AMP13 houses dual 3.5mm headphone output ports. It can be used to connect two headphones simultaneously to the DX300/320 digital audio player. With both Voltage and current amplification, both the ports have got powerful output ratings, easily driving most IEMs in the market.

Three-Channel Amplification:-

To deliver unmatched performance, AMP13 uses three-channel amplification. Apart from the left and right channel amplification by the Nutube 6P1 tubes, the AMP13 also gets ground-channel amplification with the help of OPA1622 opamp chips. With this ground-signal amplification, the noise floor in the background gets drastic drops and presents the users with a super clean performance.

Ultimate Performance With Advanced Audio Circuit Design:-

iBasso has got years of expertise in designing high-performance amp modules for its music players. The latest AMP13 inherits its advanced circuit design from the famous AMP9 module. It adopts Toshiba 2SK209 field-effect transistors as the signal output bugger. The signal grounding and shield grounds are separated to prevent any noise issues. AMP13 utilizes the independent amp power section of the DX300 and the DX320, bringing you top-class performance with your DX300/320.


>Unique Vacuum Tube Sound.

>6th Gen Korg NUTUbe.

>Dual 3.5mm Headphone Outputs.

>Low-Noise Tube Output.

>Powerful amplification.

>Three-Channel Amplifier.

>Advanced Circuit Design.

>Precisely Matched For Top-Quality Performance.