HiFiMan HE-400SE

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HiFiMan's Stealth Magnets come to the venerable HE-400 lineup!


“The HE400 series has been an award winning audio industry favorite for over 10 years!”

Our Take

Hifiman’s HE400se is a global exclusive not available in main-land China. It uses an exclusive Stealth Magnet Design alongside a special silver copper cable! Both of these features are exclusive and unique to this global model!

Acoustically Invisible

Hifiman’s brand new Stealth Magnet reduces wave diffraction turbulence and lowers distortion to barely audible levels. The unique shape of the magnets enable sound to pass through them without generating interference. Thus making this advanced magnet structure acoustically invisible which yields a pure accurate full-range sonic output.

Maximum Comfort for Hours of Pleasurable Listening

HE400se features an all new adjustable lightweight headband design. It keeps cool and comfortable even in warm weather. The drivers are now protected by a newly designed casing for enhanced durability.

Durable Connectors

HE400se features a dual sided high-performance dual 3.5mm headphone side detachable cable and comes with a 6.3mm adapter for maximum device compatibility!

What's Included

• HIFIMAN HE400se headphone

• Headphone Cable Terminated to 3.5mm with 1/4" adapter

• HIFIMAN HE400se product booklet


• Weight: 390g

• Sensitivity: 91dB

• Impedance: 25 ohms

• Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz