Fostex T60RP Cables

Sale price$75.00

Termination: 3.5mm TRS ($75)

Factory Replacement Cables for Fostex T60RP headphones


Model, Description    
ET-RP3.5UB*, 3.5mm, unbalanced
ET-RP2.5BL, 2.5mm, balanced (TRRS Pin Assignment:  R-, R+ L+, L-)
ET-RP4.4BL, 4.4mm balanced  (TRRRS Pin Assignment: L+, L-, R+, R-, N/A) 
ET-RPXLR, XLR balanced 

Material: OFC
Plug: Gold plated
Exterior: Woven Polyester
Length:    1.5m
*ET-RP3.5UB is identical to the standard cable supplied with T60RP