Fostex T60RP

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Main Features

  • Offering Fostex proprietary RP diaphragm made of polyimide film with copper foil etching.  The neodymium magnet realizes wide frequency reproduction and superior transient char-acteristics and high input tolerance up to 3000mW.
  • Beautiful wooden housing made of African mahogany even helps give depth to the fine sound of RP diaphragm.

T60RP RP Stereo Heaphones

Fostex's Model T60RP Stereo Headphones is the latest in a long line of RP diaphragm headphones, a line that stretches back to the 1970's.

Featuring Fostex proprietary Regular Phase (RP) technology diaphragms for supreme accuracy in monitoring, the new T60RP introduces beautiful, stylish mahogany housings and comfortable low-repulsion ear pads, as well as an optional balanced headphone connection to deliver even more brilliant and crisp audio reproduction.


Optional Cables & Ear Pads
The following optional OFC cables and ear pads are prepared for T60RP.

Model, Description    
ET-RP3.5UB*, 3.5mm, unbalanced
ET-RP2.5BL, 2.5mm, balanced (TRRS Pin Assignment:  R-, R+ L+, L-)
ET-RP4.4BL, 4.4mm balanced  (TRRRS Pin Assignment: L+, L-, R+, R-, N/A) 
ET-RPXLR, XLR balanced 

Material: OFC
Plug: Gold plated
Exterior: Woven Polyester
Length:    1.5m
*ET-RP3.5UB is identical to the standard cable supplied with T60RP

Model, Description    
EX-EP-RP60, ear pad (pair)    

Material:    Low repulsion urethane
Exterior:    Soft artificial leather

Avoid an extended use at high volume levels as your hearing may be permanently impaired. You are advised never to use headphones in such situations as driving vehicle and cycling as your ability to react to emergencies will be considerably reduced.


Type:    Semi-open
Impedance:    50 ohm
Sensitivity:    92dB/mW
Max Input:    3,000mW
Freq. response:    15 - 35K Hz
Weight:    Approx. 380g (excluding cable)
Accessories:    ET-RP3.5UB, 3.5mm to 1/4” adapter, carrying pouch, Fostex Logo sticker

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