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You’ll be shocked by how good they sound. You’ll be delighted you can take that sound with you anywhere you go.

It seemed like an impossible ask: Wireless and active noise-canceling headphones by a company absolutely committed to high-fidelity, accurate, beautiful sound. Focal has taken the design, technology, and materials of industry-leading headphones like the Stellia and Celestee, cut some weight, and added a lot of advanced technology. This is a first for Focal, and a huge step forward for the industry.

You’ll experience a balanced and neutral sound that’s faithful to the source, but influenced by Focal’s award-winning approach to dynamics, punchiness, and lively reproduction. Either way, these are probably the headphones you’ll end up using the most.

The result is a comfortable, easy-to-use set of headphones that wrings every last bit of quality out of the latest Bluetooth wireless codecs but also gives you the option of an excellent wired experience via USB-C and its built-in DAC. And it will last you all week: 30+ hours of listening on a full charge. Running low? Rapid-charging gives you five extra listening hours in just 15 minutes.

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Bathys offers a detailed, precise and dynamic sound, showcasing the high-fidelity sound responsible for Focal’s reputation for over 40 years, both in France and worldwide.

It offers two noise-cancelling modes for a total escape into your music: a “Silent” mode optimized for journeys with high background noise (planes, trains, etc.) and a “Soft” mode to help with focus at home, in the office, etc. It also features a “Transparency” mode that allows you to hear sounds around you when needed.

Easily accessible control buttons and Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice assistants are provided for effortless use. It also has an adjustable EQ to customize the sound. The voice assistants, EQ and other settings are available in the dedicated app developed by Focal.

Compatible with SBC, AAC, Apt-X™ and Apt-X™ Adaptive codecs, Bathys provides an extensive choice of connectivity modes (Bluetooth®, Jack, USB). It also has a Clear Voice Capture microphone technology for crystal clear telephone conversations.

In terms of battery life, Bathys offers over 30 hours of use, with its fast-charging function giving you 5 extra listening hours in just 15 minutes. Finally, two cables (4ft (1.2m) 3.5mm Jack and 4ft (1.2m) USB-C®) are supplied with the headphones for optimal wired listening to suit all uses.

Focal Bathys Technical Information


Manufactured in Saint-Étienne at the Focal workshops, the speaker drivers inside the Bathys headphones benefit from the expertise of a brand that constantly innovates to improve its products, providing the ideal solution regardless of how you want to listen.

With their Aluminium/Magnesium dome, the Bathys speaker drivers deliver a deep bass, soft trebles and a clear mid-range, for an extremely precise sound. The integrated USB DAC mode offers a resolution of up to 24 bit / 192kHz for even more impressive performance.


The Bathys design is inherited from Focal’s open- and closed-back headphones. These ergonomic headphones combine refined materials, such as Magnesium on the yokes, real leather on the headband and Aluminium for a robust construction, resulting in outstanding comfort for any head shape. The earcup grilles reflect Focal’s distinctive headphones design code, with its highly aesthetic curves. Focal’s flame symbol features at the centre of the earcup, incorporating a white backlight system to be activated if desired, for an understated, chic visual effect. Another standout feature of Bathys is its elegant and timeless Black Silver colourway. Designed to be lighter, more compact and with superior staying power, it is the ideal travel companion. A meticulously finished carrying case is supplied with the headphones.

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Bluetooth Technology

5.1 Multipoint

Bluetooth range
Bluetooth frequency range 2402MHz - 2480Mhz
Audio Codecs SBC, AAC, aptX Adaptive, aptX
Battery Life

30 hours Bluetooth Noise Cancelling

35 hours Jack mode

42 hours USB DAC

Voice assistants Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa
Other Feature Google Fast Pair
Speaker Drivers

40mm Aluminum-Magnesium 'M'-shaped dome, Made in France

Frequency Response 15Hz to 22kHz
Harmonic distortion rate <0.2%@1kHz
Microphones 8


Carrying case supplied 24x21x7cm
Control application Focal & Naim, iOS and Android compatible
Connections Bluetooth/ 3.5mm jack/ USB-C


Focal Bathys Accessories

The Focal Bathys are the world’s best- sounding wireless headphones.

Editors’ Choice
The Bathys from Focal are the best-sounding wireless headphones I've heard yet.” 
Recommended product

"Focal have created something rather unique with the Bathys. As it stands, these are easily the best wireless headphone I’ve tried to date and well worth an audition."

The price to performance ratio makes it a no brainer to name the Focal Bathys an AVS Top Choice for 2022!

AVS Forum
– Top Choice 2022

As it exists today, Bathys makes an excellent entry into the Focal headphone line-up as it takes its place among the top sound quality-focused wireless headphones available.

"'s the current Utopia of the wireless over-ear ANC headphones I've used. And since I'm obsessed with music more than any other content type, the Bathys is my current choice for primary Bluetooth over-ear headphone."

It takes technical prowess to achieve what the Focal Bathys excels at: making me forget about the means as I enjoy the music.

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