Final Audio VR3000

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VR3000 for Gaming

Earphones to reproduce the auditory spatial impression of games and VR as intended by the creators
Many of the earphones aimed for use for the gaming or 3D sound content employ sound creation focused on the surprise of first listening to its sound with exaggerated bass and high range. But, the objective of sound used in tandem with video for games is to immerse the players in the world of content and to provide extra critical information which is visually unpresentable to help players succeed the game, not to surprise the player with the sound. We believe that in order to immerse players in game, it is important to accurately reproduce the intention and aim of the game creators as embedded in the sound. The VR3000 earphones were developed based on this way of thinking.
Sound creation based on acoustic engineering and psychology
This is the birth of a new staple earphones based on our proprietary research into the “differences between
2-ch stereophonic sound productions and binaural sound productions”. It has been widely known that a characteristic uncomfortable feeling occurs in the high frequency range when listening to binaural sound for games and VR content on ordinary earphones and headphones. Acoustics researchers grasped the cause, but there was still no precedent for achieving adequate success in implementing countermeasures. This time, as a result of a new approach toward implementing countermeasures to this problem, we were able to give birth to the earphones that make it possible to feel the tone color, spatial impression, and direction of sound images on games and virtual reality content produced in binaural sound in a manner consistent with the creator’s intention.
Featuring the completely redesigned [f-Core DU] driver unit, which entails new design, parts and production technology.
In order to achieve sound quality impossible at this price range, we newly developed 6mmφ [f-Core DU] dynamic driver unit from the scratch. To realize the brand new driver, we established new production facility overseas and newly designed not only parts for the driver unit such as diaphragm, voice coil, magnet, magnetic circuits, adhesives, but also the production masichinely used in the manufacturing process. As material for the driver front housing, rather than the traditional aluminum, we used brass, a material that is both highly resistant to the effects of magnetism and also boasts a high specific gravity. In order to increase the time response characteristic of the diaphragm, the voice coil employs a 30μ ultrathin CCAW, and a minimum of adhesive is used for assembly to thoroughly lighten the moving parts. Moreover, the diaphragms are neatly pressed in small lots of roughly 1/3 the normal size in order to constrain pressure deviation to a minimum and realize uniform shaped diaphragm with no deformation.
The Feeling of a Customized Fit
Based on the chassis design that serves as an ideal solution for the IEM that become established during development of the B Series, the VR3000 realizes a superior sense of fit. Whether or not earphones offer a superior sensation of fit is determined by the sensation of oppression. While at first glance it may seem correct to select an ergonomic shape and hold it in place with the elasticity of silicone, this always places pressure on the ear which creates an unwary burden and leads to the accumulation of fatigue. By limiting the area that comes in contact with the ear in contrast to an ergonomic shape that comes in contact with a large area of the ear, this product aims to achieve a sense of fit with no feeling of oppression. The green section of the diagram below (earpiece) is the 1st position, the blue section (Tragus) is the 2nd position, and the pink colored section (cavity of the concha) is the 3rd position which contribute to the ultimate stablity and fitting. For that reason, it is suitable for the ears of many different people. To the extent that there is no feeling of oppression at any of the points of contact, that makes for such a comfortable, superior feeling of a customized earphone fit.
Ear hooks that alleviate cable touch noise (incorporaties lock mechanism)
An ear hook is effective in reducing touch noise; wearing it when walking dramatically reduces the unpleasant rustling sound that may occur when the cable rubs against the body (cable touch noise). In the past, our company’s ear hooks have characteristically been slimmer than ordinary and virtually indistinguishable from a wire or rosin filled cable, making it so comfortable that it is easy to forget that one is even wearing it. This is the type with an affixed lock (B Type) that is capable of holding the cable firmly in place.
Original earpieces with a color difference between the left and right bushes.
Two types of silicon differing in rigidity are employed for the sound conduit and for the earbud that comes into contact with the user’s ear. The silicon used for the sound conduit is more rigid than that used for the earbud, and by having groove processing applied to it, combines both strength and flexibility. Soft silicon has been employed for the earbud, making for a comfortable fit and a high level of sound insulation.
One of the bushes is gray, while the other is red; by pulling the earpiece back slightly to check the color of the bush, it is easy to distinguish between left and right, even in places with subdued lighting. Since the bush colors of neighboring sizes are different (the gray bushes alternate between dark and light gray; the red bushes alternate between red and pink), it is also easy to distinguish between sizes.

Comes in 5 sizes – SS/S/M/L/LL
Aging refers to the phenomenon whereby the sound produced by the earphones changes over time as they are used. There is a small driver unit – what could be called a speaker – inside the earphones; a diaphragm of extremely thin film is attached to this using a coil and an adhesive agent. With aural signals, the diaphragm moves in micronic increments while the coil moves, giving off sound. While it can’t be proven, we believe that in this situation, the adhesive section may possibly influence these infinitesimal movements. Using the product over a set period of time, the diaphragm moves more easily, and sound quality approaches the original design intent. This product has a small aperture, and so an extended period of time is necessary for changes through aging to become indecipherable. In general, if the product is used in a normal way over a period of 150 ~ 200 hours, it should feel that sound has become more subtle. A more favorable outcome can be obtained through aging of the product by listening to the music you normally listen to at a volume you usually listen at, rather than expediting aging through very high volumes or aging through noise. While not an accurate metaphor, when you make unnecessary movements to break in a pair of shoes, you’re bound to cause wrinkles different to those that occur when you walk normally. In the same way, rather than having the diaphragm move unnecessarily, it is better to think that it is more natural to break it in in the environment in which it is used.

There is also a psychological aspect to aging. Buying a new set of earphones, the impression you had of these earphones prior to buying them is by no means set in stone. You’re actually making a relative comparison between these and the earphones that you use on a daily basis. When you buy a new set of earphones and continue to use them for a set period of time, those earphones become the standard. An evaluation of sound quality based on continuing to use them until they become such a standard makes it easier to choose a product that you don’t get tired of over the long term.
Product code
Dynamic driver
OFC Black cable
Cord length
Ear tips (Type E 5 Sizes), Ear hooks (TYPE B), Exclusive pouch
How to wear the earphones
This product is an earphone that is hung over the ear. The transmission of touch noise to the ear can be prevented by placing the cable on the ear to achieve a comfortable fit.
STEP1 Confirm the R and L marks on the inside of the chassis. R is right, and L is left.
STEP2 Run the cable toward the front from behind the ear, and insert the earpiece of the earphone into the ear.
STEP3 If it is difficult to fir the earphone into the cavity of concha, try to insert the earphone while pulling back and somewhat upward on the ear lobe.
* If the cable does not fit on the back of the ear, please use the ear hook accessory.
* If the fit is too loose, try changing the size of the sleeve. In some cases, the size of the left and right earpieces may be different.

Demo vidoes for binarual sound listening
One of the characteristics of VR3000 for Gaming is its suitability for the listening of binaural sound. Therefore, we will introduce YouTube demo videos suitable for your listening with the VR3000.
There are two types of binaural sound.
One is binaural sound directly recorded using a dummy-head microphone.
The other is binaural sound created from multichannel 3D sound through signal processing known as the binaural rendering. And, for 3D audio production, there is a channel-based production method used mainly for music and an object-based production method used mainly for games and films.
Please note that turning off all audio effects (EQ, spatial enhancer, compressor, etc.) incorporated in the media player of your smartphone, handheld tablet, PC, etc. when playing back these demo videos is essential to fully experience the sound presentation of the earphones.
Part 1
Binaural sound recorded directly as a 2-ch signal using a dummy-head microphone
BBC: All of it is interesting, but we especially recommend the part from 4:47 onward.
3Dio: In the golf ball scene from 0:25 onward the depth perception of the sound is enhanced by the video.
The Sound Traveler: Experience the inside of an Egyptian pyramid. Pay attention to the differences in reverberation due to differences in the size and shape of the space.
France television: Pay attention to the distance perception and orientation perception of sound.
Hear the World in 3D Audio! // Short Film: This is typical sound you usually hear in your life.
Part 2
Binaural sound created by binaural rendering of 3D multichannel sound.
Radio France: 3D audio live recording of a large orchestra and chorus at a concert hall.
LST: Pay attention to the perception of vertical movement of sound from around 1m00s.
Battlefield 4: This is typical shooting game sound.
*Be careful when you watch this because this video contains expressions and content suitable only for ages 17 and older.
Dear Reality GmbH: Pay attention to the sound of the flying object passing overhead at around 0:15.
DavidGX: Pay attention to how the directionality of the video and sound remain coincidence even as the perspective changes.

PhilsComputerLab: The video is simple CG, but pay attention to the movement of sound objects.
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