Final Audio D8000Pro and HeadAmp GS-X Mini

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Final D8000Pro Color: Black
GS-X Mini Color: Black
GS-X Mini Finish: Polished
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Final Audio D8000Pro and HeadAmp GS-X Mini

Final D8000Pro represents the pinnacle of Japanese sound quality. Paired with the USA-made HeadAmp GS-X mini amplifier in your choice of several colors, your music will transport you through space and time as you hear things you've missed previously.

HeadAmp GS-X Mini is an amazing solid state that adds the body that sometimes can be missing in solid state amps. This goes hand in hand with the tonality of the D8000Pro for a very musical experience.

GS-X Mini Specifications

Headphone Output - 6W @25Ω / 4W @50Ω / 2W @100Ω Balanced Output 1.5W @25Ω/ 1W @50Ω/ 500mW @100Ω SE Phones Out

Operating Voltage - 100v, 110-120, or 220-240 Configurations Available

Power Consumption - 25-30W

Input Impedance - 10 kOhm

Volume Control - 24-step DACT Attenuator is default for this harmony. Please email if you would prefer Alps RK27

Dimensions (including connectors) - (H)2" x (W)11" x (L)9"

Weight - 11 lbs

D8000Pro Specifications

Housing - Aluminum magnesium alloy
Driver - AFDS Planer Magnetic
Cable - OFC black cable 1.5m, 3.5mmφ plug / OFC silver coated cable 3m, 6.3mmφ plug
Sensitivity - 98dB/mW
Impedance - 60Ω
Weight - 523g
Cord length - 1.5m/3m

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