Dekoni Audio x SKB Headphone Hero Heavy Duty Travel Case

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Dekoni is proud to have had the Headphone Hero awarded Product of the Year by Headphone Guru!

Dekoni’s push for safe and secure travels with your favorite headphones has brought with it a partnership with SKB to develop the Headphone Hero! Based on their 3i 1309-6, the Headphone Hero is purpose built to give you peace of mind in even your most rigorous travels.

Sporting an automatic pressure valve and TSA approved latches, the Hero makes long flights hands-free. The valve allows the case to equalize pressure in the case to maintain IP67 water resistant seal, while the latches mean the case can be stored safely under the plane during travel without needing to be placed inside a suitcase.


Closing out the outer design of the case is the reinforced holes for padlocks, ensuring your audio investment is well protected on the go.

Inside the case you’ll find high density foam on the sides and bottom, with a softer eggshell foam providing padding at the top for any taller accessories. In the center you’ll find a removable Omega Stand made with the same dense foam, allowing you to sport your headphones out of the case with ease. You’ll also find a central cut-out in the foam for cables, DAPs and other small accessories.