Dekoni Audio Blue – Fostex/Dekoni HiFi Audiophile Planar Magnetic Headphone

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The Dekoni Blue by Fostex
The only T50RP MK3 mod approved by Fostex

Dekoni Audio has Collaborated with Headphone Maker Fostex on a fantastic new variant of its T50RP MK3 Planar Magnetic Headphone. With Redesigned Blue cups, a new Inner Baffle, and Dekoni’s Elite Hybrid Ear Pads made just for this headphone, you are left with what some are calling the most comfortable headphone around. The Dekoni Blue is warmer, smoother, and less fatiguing than its predecessor, making for hours of comfortable listening sessions.

Attention to Detail
The Dekoni Blue is a Fun Headphone with a great bass extension and smoothed out high end. Please note that the Blue no longer comes with the T50RP Elite Velour pads, and now only ships with the Elite Hybrid pads!

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