Burson FUNK

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Model: Funk Basic (NE5532)

Funk the Rule!

Hi-Fi companies are spoiling headphone enthusiasts with nearly endless amplifiers. So why are they neglecting near-field audiophiles, listening to their speakers in small studios or from their desktops?

Near-field-audiophiles often settle for inferior Class-D amps, which are also typical inside active speakers. The alternative is rack size Class-AB amps that break the aesthetic of any near field systems.

This neglect is due to the rule between size and performance. It was impossible to make a speaker amp that looks great next to your iMac yet performs at the audiophile level.

Funk breaks that rule!

Burson FUNK Front of unit

Funking Class-AB

Traditional Class-AB reigns supreme for speaker amps and the Funk is a true-blue 45Watts per channel Class-AB. Powered by our proprietary Max Current Power Supply, it resets your perception of rhythm through power, precision and micro-details. It makes most conventional amplifiers, even the ones with twice the declared power, sound slow and dopey.

Burson FUNK next to kef ls50 and audeze lcd headphones

Funk is more Fun!

Fully discrete, Class-A, 3Wpc. Funk is also a vastly improved Burson Fun, which won Product-of-Year on Headfonia and loved by head-Fiers since 2017. It has higher resolution and power and infinitely sexier looking. IEM, no worries. Big cans, no sweat!

Burson FUNK sitting next to laptop

Small and For All

This insane size vs performance ratio is made possible by our proprietary Max Current Power Supply technology, which removed the need for heavy transformers and oversized power caps. It delivers instant and clean power directly to the output transistors.

Funk it your way

Your headphones are very different from your speakers. So why should your amp treat them the same?

With two separate signal paths and each facilitating opamp rolling, you can tune the Funk to match your headphones and speakers separately.

Burson FUNK sitting next to audeze lcd-x headphones

Funk and Games

Gaming headset compatibility, ticked.
Soundcard connectivity, ticked.
Movie night, game night, Funk it any way you like.

Funk is Cool

Touch and feel the Funk then our competition. The difference will be striking. Precision machined, this beautiful aluminium enclosure is also a unified heat-sink, keeping the Class-A headphone amp and Class-AB speaker amp running cool while looking hot.

Burson FUNK Specificaitions

Burson Funk Front of unit

Burson Funk back of unit


Measurement Package Content
Input impedance: 38 KOhms Burson FUNK (P-300) Regional Power Cable
Frequency response: ± 1 dB 0 – 35Khz RCA Cables Hex Key
THD: <0.03% Power Supply 100-240V AC
Output impedance (Head Amp): <2 Ohm
Inputs: RCA Left / Right Weight: app. 3Kg
Outputs: Headphone / Speakers Dimensions: 190mm x 150dimm x 60mm
Impedance (Headphone) Power Signal to Noise Ratio Separation
16 Ohm 3.5W 96db 99%
32 Ohm 2.5W 97db 99%
100 Ohm 600mW 98db 99%
150 Ohm 400mW 96db 99%
300 Ohm 150mW 95db
Impedance (Speaker) Power Signal to Noise Ratio Separation
4 Ohm / 8 Ohm 45W / 35W 92.5db 98.50%