Blumenstein Orcas

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Blumenstein Orca 3" TT Full-Range Pair

The Orca 3” Full Range Speakers are the crowd pleasers of my lineup. They offer a smooth, relaxing yet engaging sound quality with all types of audio content.

Their sleek wooden front port design, faceted Douglas fir internal bracing, and specialized damping materials make the Orcas a dynamic addition to any desktop, home theater, or studio monitor setting. These speakers are well suited for near field desktop listening and will create a holographic sound stage without causing listening fatigue. They perform beautifully for most small and large rooms in a home, with enough efficiency to deliver a satisfying sound in larger room settings.


  • 6" x 8.5" x 11.5"

  • 8 ohms, 75hz-35khz

  • Efficiency: 92.5 dB

  • Price is for a pair

  • Robust solid wood internal bracing structure similar to Marlin


  • Ships worldwide

  • Economical international shipping

  • Orders are pre-paid. Call or email for a lead time estimate at the time you are ready to place your order.

  • 60-day in-home audition, 1-year warranty

  • Birch Plywood: 1 month to delivery

  • Maple or Walnut Veneer: 3 months to delivery

Amplifier Power Recommended

As a general rule of thumb, between 2 watts and 100+ watts per channel is recommended. They can still be hooked up to a clean 100+ watts without a problem though.  Whatever power is on tap, Orcas are able to get quite loud before their soft clipping mode naturally engages.

Orcas Speakers with Subwoofers

The Orca has a full sound and ample amount of bass either on their own, or paired with subwoofers. Good quality subwoofers from any other manufacturer (for instance, that you may already own) will likely to be compatible with the Orcas as well. I have found that in general, my clients get back to me letting me know that their Orcas, with or without subwoofers make them quite happy. While Blumenstein accessories like floor stands and subwoofers are generally going to sound and look the best, the Orcas also play well with most other audio gear available on the market, from all price ranges. 

Orca Customer Reviews

“Love my Orcas! They are truly suburb loudspeakers. They hold themselves against my Harbeths, and in some areas (immediacy) exceed them. Very impressed. Right now I'm playing them with a 45W Conrad Johnson EL34 integrated. Beautiful. [Clark has] achieved a wonderful balance in these speakers - I find that exceedingly rare, even among the big boys. Voices sound REAL.”-Greg K.  February 2019

"[The Orcas] are clean, clear, with amazing images, deeper sound stage than my Triangles (and they are really good at sound stage), impressive high frequencies . . .They only have about 100 hours on them. Unless they are going to extend down to 25 Hz with more break in I don't know what else they can do. I was hearing good high frequency response with Bluegrass, so just to be sure, we put on Kind of Blue. The cymbals were amazing! They had sizzle! The piano, saxophone, and of course trumpet sounded very real. I'm really amazed at the highs. The cymbals were as they should be [. . .] the images were solid; the best I have ever heard the piano on this album. Walking back and forth behind the listening chair I could see that the center image only moves about a foot off center in my room at the extreme right and left. What I mean is that to get it to do that I stood a foot or more to the right of the right speaker, etc. There is a really wide sweet spot. More than I have experienced before. I could go on and on, but it would just be repetitive. Clark, you have really done something magic here." -Grainger M., Tennessee

“Well a pair arrived today with the matching stands. And I thank the individual who mentioned them on a prior post . . . these are an incredible little speaker that belie their size. Very open with room filling sound, pretty darn good bass as well from, yes, a single 3 inch driver. I don’t know of many if any speaker that can beat this at their [price]. Beautiful sound, build quality and aesthetics, all in a compact tidy package.” - Dave, Vancouver, B.C. on Canuck Audio Mart