Blumenstein Abby Mk II 6.5" Wide-Band Speaker

Sale price$2,200.00

  • Based on the original Abby speaker from Cain & Cain Audio, which was originally manufactured by my mentors Terry and Leslie Cain.

  • Natural bass extension, works great with most subwoofers.

  • Critically damped bass reflex enclosure (versus original Voigt pipe) sounds cleaner and clearer with any genre of music.

  • Aficionados of the original Cain & Cain Abby will notice a marked improvement in percussion instruments in complex, demanding music.

  • All baltic birch ply , not the original C&C solid Alder wood/particle board is now used for long term enclosure stability.

  • Recommended sub crossover of 65hz.

  • 96db efficient.

  • 60 watts RMS

  • 9” wide 12.” deep, 16.5” tall