Aurender N200

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Aurender N200

Aurender N200 front marketing photo

The Art of Music Making

N200 represents a milestone in terms of exceptional sound quality, unique feature set, and high value. In order to make N200 accessible to as many music lovers as possible, we have omitted the expensive OCXO-controlled digital audio board in favor of a simple, dedicated USB audio output.

N200 sports all the recent Aurender technological innovations including cache-based playback, a low power Intel quad-core processor, our latest generation modular USB Audio output, double isolated gigabit ethernet port, and super-capacitor based uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for safe shut downs. N200 is capable of handling PCM up to 384kHz and DSD content up to an amazing DSD512!

A 6.9” full-color IPS LCD display renders album artwork and track information in gorgeous detail. We’ve also expanded the internal music library storage capacity by providing two user-installable SSD/HDD trays to suit your needs. And, if you’re 100% streaming, no storage drives need to be installed.

N200 delivers audio performance very close to the pinnacle Aurender experience, with only compromises that are irrelevant except in the context of the most extreme high-end systems.

Aurender N200 in system diagram

Key Features

Flagship DNA, Repurposed

The same technological advances that make N20, N30SA, and W20SE so special are also found on N200. But, by omitting the OCXO clock controlled SPDIF & AES/EBU digital outputs, we are able to deliver stellar USB audio performance in a smaller, more economical package.

Audio Grade Linear Power Supply with UPS

Clean power is the single most important factor in enjoying your favorite music with the highest fidelity from a digital source component. N200 features a fully linear power supply block for a low noise floor, allowing the nuances and detail of your music to sing out. Super Capacitor UPS system protects your Aurender in case of abrupt loss of power.

6.9" Front Panel Display

An impressive 6.9" full-color IPS LCD display reproduces the album art, artist name and song title in utter elegance.

User-Installable Storage Options

N200 is built with two trays for user-installable storage. Need a lot of capacity? Load up to 2 8TB SSDs! Not into storing files and prefer to stream? Leave them empty, and don't pay for storage capacity you won't use.

Aurender's Dedicated USB Audio Output

USB is historically prone to transferring noise between devices. That's why Aurender's dedicated USB Audio output is physically and electrically isolated from the noise-generating CPU board to minimize noise in the sensitive audio interconnect.

Coax RCA Audio Output

In addition to N200's exceptional USB Audio Output, a coax RCA output is also included for your convenience to connect to a legacy DAC or second system.

Physical Specifications

13"W x 14"D x 3.8"H (3.3"H w/o Feet)
19.4 lb
Machined Aluminum Chassis
Front Panel Display
6.9" 1280 x 480 Wide IPS Color LCD

Technical Specifications

Power Supply

Intel Low Power Quad Core
Library Storage Capacity
2X 2.5" Compartments (User-Installable Storage)
SSD for System & Cache
Data USB Ports
2X USB 3.0 (Rear)
Software Suite
Aurender Conductor
Ethernet Suite
Double-Isolated Gigabit LAN
Uniterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
Yes (Super Capacitors)
Power Consumption
Play (15W), Peak (35W), Standby (5.1W)
CD Ripping Capability N/A

Audio Specifications

Analog Outputs N/A
DAC Chipset N/A
Audio Word Clock
Analog Outputs Supported Format N/A
Digital Outputs
USB Audio (Dedicated), RCA Coax SPDIF (basic)
USB Output Supported Format
Up To 32-bit / 384kHz, DSD128 (DoP), DSD512 (Native)
SPDIF & AES/EBU Output Supported Format
PCM: Up to 32-bit / 192 kHz; DSD: Up to DSD64 via DoP
Digital Inputs
Headphone Section
Master Clock Input
MQA Support
MQA Core-Decoder Upgrade Available
Compatible Formats
DSD (DSF, DFF), WAV, FLAC, AIFF, ALAC, M4A, APE and others
DSD-to-PCM Conversion
Not Supported