Albedo Monolith Monocrystal Interconnects

Sale price$1,625.00

Length: 1 M
Termination: XLR

Breathtaking conveyance of space

In this design, the conductor is a specially crafted monocrystalline ultra-high-purity silver ribbon of minimal thickness. All conductors are protected by polyamide insulation with an outer lagging that is ash in color. The conductors are twisted in relation to each other. The RCA version is finished with rhodium-plated plugs made of beryllium copper for reduced resistance. The balanced model uses the highest quality rhodium-plated XLR connectors. The MONOLITH series has been highly appreciated by many customers in Poland and abroad since 2001. Naturalness, clarity, tonal balance, holography, micro and macro dynamics, and the breathtaking conveyance of space and separation – all of these are attributes of this legendary cable, which has seen its deployment within tens of thousands of audio systems around the world.