Albedo Flat One Interconnects

Sale price$775.00

Length: 1 M
Termination: RCA

Harmonious and Analog Sound

The design of this model is fully symmetrical. The conductors are high-purity silver ribbons. The “air” insulation used, among other things, allows for the cancellation of the so-called capacitance of the dielectric. All conductors are protected by a silicone wrap with an outer lagging of maroon in color. The RCA version is finished with rhodium-plated plugs made of beryllium copper for reduced resistance. The XLR series is provided with the highest quality rhodium-plated connectors. The cable contributes to a soundscape that is consistent, and neutral, without any brightening or acoustic holes. Bottom-end frequencies are fast, full and well-controlled, with the midrange being natural and saturated. The subtle balance of the top-end frequencies is unprecedented for cables in this price range bracket, extending both laterally, top-to-bottom and front-to-back into the music scene in natural proportions. Popularly, this character is described as a “harmonious and analog” sound.