Abyss AB1266 Phi TC

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Package: Standard
Cable Connector: 4-Pin Balanced XLR
Cable Length: 8 FT / 2.4 m

Abyss AB1266 Phi TC

AB1266 Phi TC is the apex of the headphone world. 

Many years of development and research went into the making of what many consider the finest sounding headphone money can buy.

Abyss' ultra-thin patented TC (Total Consciousness) planar speaker drivers make the AB1266 the highest resolution headphones on the planet, allowing you to hear the most subtle nuances within your music in a most natural way.

Their factory applied oven cured ceramic coating in a two tone luxury black color displays a sophisticated look. Larger more comfortable ear pads improve the sound even further, in total taking the TC's acoustic performance to even higher levels of sonic bliss.

From the very first note you will hear musicians and instruments in a whole new way. Voices appear out of nowhere and float around your head. Piano is in front of you to the left, singers in front of your forehead while drums are slightly forward of them. No electronic tricks, simply the natural sounds of the recording coming through striking emotional chords, that's Abyss. AB1266 can convey the power of a huge symphony and the nuances of the quietest sounds in nature, a private concert for one.

  • Abyss' CNC machine and finish all aluminum frame components, produce their planer speaker drivers, and skillfully assemble the AB1266 Phi TC with US made stainless steel hardware, all within their own facility in Buffalo, New York, USA.
  • Chassis consists of left/right side frames and adjustable two piece headband. No plastic parts to break, all components machined from solid aluminum for exceptional strength. Integrated resonance control for minimal added coloration.
  • High quality two-tone polymer ceramic finish, the hardest thin film coating in the world.
  • Patented planar magnetic transducer design utilizing our very thin, very low mass diaphragm. Effortless dynamics and low level detail retrieval in the bass, mids, and highs with spacious sound outside of your head. A front row listening experience with stunning bass impact no other headphone can provide, like the finest loudspeakers in a private room.
  • Matched driver pairs.
  • Unique custom made high power neodymium magnets with optimized slot pattern.
  • Low carbon steel front baffle with integrated resonance control.
  • Unique foamed aluminum sides acoustically tuned to our planar diaphragm for completely open sound.
  • High quality soft lambskin ear pads provide comfort and finely tuned acoustics. Magnetically adjustable positioning lets you fine tune acoustics and fit for your music, and you.
  • Beautifully made padded French leather headband with head movement isolation properly distributes weight for hours of comfortable wear. Looks are deceiving, these headphones are designed not to clamp your head, but rather float atop and loosely touch your ears. 'ABYSS' embossed logo.
  • Serial numbers permanently laser engraved for traceability and collectability.


  • Transducer: Patented proprietary planar magnetic- Open back design
  • Impedance 50 ohm nominal
  • Phase: Flat
  • Frequency Response: 5 Hz - 30 KHz
  • Sensitivity: 88 db/mW
  • Distortion: Less than 0.2%, average 0.035% through most of the audible range
  • Weight: 640 grams

Available accessory packages:

AB1266 Phi TC Standard Package AB1266 Phi TC Complete Package
AB1266 Phi TC Headphone  AB1266 Phi TC Headphone 
Balanced 8 FT (2.5 meter) 4 pin XLR cable, with flexible 1/4" (6.3 mm) adaptor. All cables are high performance custom made by JPS Labs for Abyss.  Upgraded JPS Labs Superconductor HP balanced 8 FT (2.5 m) 4 pin XLR cable set, the highest performance cables available for the AB-1266, and  1/4" (6.3 mm) Superconductor HP flexible adaptor cable.(Custom cable lengths available)
Velvet bag with embroidered ABYSS logo. Heavy leather man bag style carry case (made in California, USA) with extra room and pockets for an iPad, portable amp or player, for a completely portable high resolution audio system. ABYSS branded wood box.

Optional cable lengths (8 FT / 2.4 m  4 pin XLR is standard)

Optional cable connector and length

Made In the USA