Now offering ampsandsound speaker and headphone amplifiers

Now offering ampsandsound speaker and headphone amplifiers

We have been fans of Justin's stuff here for a while, but after hearing his new project at Capital Audio Fest we were absolutely blown away! The Black Pearl is his new "no-compromises" dual mono speaker amp which can be found here.

Listen to any of their catalog and its hard to miss what they are doing. What some might call a "house sound." Truly smooth and liquid sounding without sacrificing any detail is how I would describe it. Every aspect of their build is well thought out and executed flawlessly with no sacrifices made. They have overspec'd pretty much every part they can. From ultra-wide bandwidth custom transformers to overspec's resistors and capacitors, its hard not to see these as some of the best made amps in the business. We are extremely excited to offer ampsandsound to all you here as we truly believe in these products. Check them all out here.

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