"SW1X Audio Design, a company based in the UK, was unfamiliar to me before this review, something I suspect will be true of many a North American audiophile. But I hope that after reading this review, you’ll seek out their products, at least to hear, if not to own. To put it quite frankly, the SW1X DAC III reviewed here is a stupendous piece of gear, not because it exceeds other DACs I’ve had in my system, but because it invited me to listen so differently from all the rest.


I don’t use the word “invited” lightly, either. I’ve heard a lot of DACs, and generally feel that I have a mental catalogue of some of the best out there. The Chord DAVE and TT2, Holo Audio May, dCs Vivaldi, old Theta Gen V’s, and a handful of other very special DACs are the kinds of contenders that generally claw their way on to my shortlist. What these DACs do for me I usually think of as bringing the music more up to my expectations of resolution, dynamic punch, transient purity — in short, bringing the music to me." - Grover Neville

To read the rest of this well spoken review head over to Da Go Go.

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