Chord Mojo 2 Review

As we all know sequels can be some what daunting a leave much to be desired. The Chord Mojo 2 is not such a sequel. The Mojo 2 is the long-anticipated iteration of the Mojo line. While it may look the same as its predecessor, the Mojo 2 has been overhauled and improved in almost every way beneath its shell.

Our friend at Convince Me Audio was able to give a review on the Mojo 2. We will include some of his thoughts for those who may not have time to watch the whole video. Our favorite should some it up quite nicely, "It's that frickin' good!"

"Rob watts designs these units from start to finish with control power regulation and quality in mind. "

“The mojo 2 is a better dac than the d90 se. Hands down.”

“Don’t buy a desktop setup buy this”

Please watch his video and let us know if you agree. If you want to dig deeper into the specifics visit our product page here or you can view the whole line of chord products here.


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