Raal CA-1A Released Into the Wild!

Raal CA-1A Released Into the Wild!

Hey there!

Let's talk about the new, groundbreaking, headphone system from Raal Requisite, the CA-1A, found here at your one-and-only Mimic-Audio.com.

For those that don't know, Raal started selling ribbon ear speakers (the first to do a True-Ribbon headphone, in fact) with the SR-1A in 2019.  They paired up with a group of passionate people in Serbia, designed an entire listening experience and set it free to the masses.  

It wasn't perfect, but what is?  It did set them on the path to the product we're talking about today, the CA-1A.  Instead of using a near-field, infinite adjusting panel to aim the sound near/at the ears, it's circumaural, or over-ear.  The main advantages here are a more comfortable fit and a much more accurate sound without having to do trigonometry every time you put the headphone on.

With the new fit comes a new way to get music to and out of the headphones, the TI-1B.  This lets you use most any standard headphone amp as it presents either a 16 or 32ohm load to the amplifier's output instead of the 0.2 that the ribbons naturally would measure at.  Of course, you can still get the HSA-1B or VM-1A (depending on your preference of solid state or tubes respectively), but for someone that's curious about what their music can sound like out of a ribbon transducer, the TI-1B is a great toe dip to get started!

You can find all five Raal items, and more, here at mimic-audio.com.

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