Hello everyone,

As with the rest of the world, Mimic-Cables has been affected by Covid-19 much like the reader and everyone else.  Fortunately, this won't affect fulfillment of orders as near everything is on hand to make any cable.  It will, however, affect shipping times as USPS is lagging and Mimic-Cable is located amidst one of the more severe outbreaks in the US so we're under stay home orders by city, county, and state guidelines.


Better news: 

New colors for paracord (helix and color changing sets) and MDPC-X have been added along with updated cable and sleeve color sample pictures. Also, keep an eye out for a new flagship headphone cable coming later in the year.

While the goal is to still have product on hand by year's end, hi-fi products from Focal, Meze, ZMF, Audeze, and iFi along with DIY plugs from eidolic, KLEI, and furutech are available for drop-shipping if desired.  Email info@mimic-cables.com for more information and ordering.

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