Changes and additions

Changes and additions

As you may or may not have noticed, there have been some fresh goings on with mimic-cables.

We've added ready to go products for micro usb, lightning, usb c and 3.5mm extension cables.  

Pictures have been added or edited for ease of use and to give an up to date view of products offered.

Added mouse cable modding to the newly named Custom PC Peripherals Modding (previously called Custom Keyboard Assembly).

New product options have been added to the headphone/portable audio offerings:

 - Eidolic ends as standard (where applicable, denoted when you place an order and choose your ends)

 - Furutech ends offered as an upgrade to standard ends (again, where applicable, denoted when you place an order and choose your ends)

 - The ability to choose between standard (mogami w2799) and 7n OCC copper or silver for wire.

 - Addition of a few new end types


Basically, if you were on the fence about choosing mimic-cables for your cable needs, know that we're always striving to improve the process and options available to you.  If you still don't see what you need, please email us to get your specific needs met.


Thanks again


PS - We're also an authorized Furutech dealer, so if there's something specific from them you want, feel free to email for a quote.

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