Sivga SV-023

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Sivga SV-023

Sivga sv023 laying sideways

Sivga SV 023 with cable

Hi-Fi Dynamic Driver Wood Headphone


● Modest & classic design. ● 50mm dynamic driver made of LCP composite diaphragm plated with Beryllium for strong dynamic, high fidelity and wide extension sound quality. ● Walnut wood housing with exquisite and elegant surface. ● Ergonomically designed headband for comfortable wearing without pressure. ● Special-shaped earcup for comfort and good seal. ● Detachable high purity 6N OCC cable to ensure high resolution sound.


Sivga 023 driver

Wide soundstage, good dynamic, high separation

The driver housing is made of aviation aluminum alloy. The periphery of the diaphragm is LCP (Liquid Crystal Polyme) Composite film, and the central part of diaphragm is plated with Beryllium. The magnet is high-performance NdFeb material.

The bass for SV023 is well controlled with enough quantity. The middle frequency is mild with warm vocal. Treble is natural and exquisite. Wide soundstage with good separation for instruments. This headphone can make music dynamic with sense of depth. Sivga 023 cup design

Light-weight and comfortable wearing

The leather band is made of high-end goat skin, which is soft and comfortable.

The headband is made of stretchable stainless steel, which ensures suitable clamping force with no pressure and wears lightly.

The bracket is made by CNC process with aviation aluminum alloy, which is with strong metal finish and durability.

Sivga 023 pads and cup

Hand-made wood housing, carefully and precisely crafted artwork

The headphone housing is made of selected high-quality walnut wood. It is precisely carved by CNC and then made by traditional processes such as grinding, polishing, painting, natural air drying and so on. The surface of the wood housing is exquisite and smooth with high quality feel.

There is a CNC processed metal aluminum ring and gunmetal color stainless steel mesh in the middle of the housing, which matches with the wood housing very well to increase the sense of layering.

Sivga Ear pads

Unique earpad design for comfort and good seal

The earpads are made of high protein material and memory form. The material touching the face is skin friendly velvet. All the materials make the earpads soft and comfortable to wear.

The special-shaped earpads designed according to the head shape have good sealing performance to avoid sound leakage.

The side of the earpad is perforated with air holes, which can effectively adjust the sound quality and ensure good breathability. It is suitable for long time wearing.

Sivga 023 cable

High purity detachable cable

6N OCC cable ensures no loss of signal transmission. The detachable cable is not easy to tangle, and it is suitable for upgrading and changing to use other cables.

Sivga SV 023 accessories

Wide range and useful accessories

1. Leather carrying bag: 1pc
2. Hemp bag: 1pc
3. Adaptor 1: 4.4mm to 3.5mm -1pc
4. Adaptor 2: 3.5mm to 6.35mm - 1pc

  •  Style

     Over ear, open-back 

     Transducer type

     Dynamic driver

     Transducer size

     φ 50mm

     Frequency response

     20Hz - 40KHz


     105 dB +/- 3dB 


     300 Ohm +/-15%

     Cable length

     2.0 M +/-0.2 M 


     φ 4.4 mm balanced


      318 g

  • 1. SV023 headphone: 1pc

    2. Audio cable: 1pc

    3. Leather carrying bag: 1pc

    4. Hemp bag: 1pc

    5. Adaptor 1: 4.4mm to 3.5mm -1pc

    6. Adaptor 2: 3.5mm to 6.35mm - 1pc

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