Sivga PII

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Planar Magnetic Wood Headphone SIVGA – P II

After three years of hard research and development, tuning, innovation and breakthrough, planar magnetic wood headphone P II has finally taken shape. It is a work that has gathered countless hours of effort and sweat, including overall industrial design, material selection, acoustic solution to final production, etc. All parts, down to the smallest screw, is individually designed and produced. Sivga adheres to the traditional craft manual production. With selection of high-quality natural solid wood as housing material, the whole production process consumes a lot of manpower and time. Due to the complex process, great difficulty in processing, long time of production and scarcity of materials, it is only produced in small quantities. PII is equipped with 97x67mm ultra nano composite planar diaphragm unit as the driver.

Combined with the superior sound characteristics of black walnut wood housing, the overall direction of its sound signature is very comprehensive. It exhibits a well balanced sound signature, exhibiting natural coherence across the frequencies with airiness, rich details, wide sound stage, distinct layers of clarity and transparency. Each headphone is not only a work of material, design, sound and craftsmanship, but also a rare work of art.

PCB Ultra-nanometer composite diaphragm Neodymium magnet

OTVTM Planar diaphragm driver The planar magnetic driver is combined with in-house developed OTV technology. The driver size is 97mm x 76mm. With PCB ultra-nanometer composite diaphragm and aluminum belt plating, the whole unit is thinner and lighter. With double neodymium magnet structure and 108 well arranged acoustic holes, the air flow is very good, combined with solid wood housing and cloud design grille, so the sound stage is wide, and sound is natural, detailed and transparent.

Wood housing

It is black walnut wood housing for P II headphone. The entire wood production consumes a lot of manpower and time.

The processes are: wood selection – cutting – CNC machining – polishing – 1st painting – drying – polishing – 2nd painting – drying – polishing – 3rd painting – drying – details fixing.

Ear pad

Design: Based on extensive facial structure data, this ear pad is a unique oblique design, so it has a very good seal to ears and can be worn for a long time without fatigue. This design is good both for comfort and sound quality.

The space inside the ear pad is in oval design, which matches the ear shape, so it will not cause any pressure on the ears

Material: The ear pads are made of high protein leather. The material close to face is skin-friendly velvet fabric, and it is soft and wears very comfortable.


The main structure is made of stainless steel in matte black color design. The connection part is made of aluminum alloy material with CNC machining, so it ensures high durability. Two ear cups can be rotated up to 90°, convenient for single-side monitor.

The head pad is made of high protein leather with a padded design, so there is no pressure when wearing the headphone for long time. The head pad is adjustable with elastic band inside, and consumers can get a good fit easily


The headphone housing is combined by black walnut wood and CNC machined metal parts. Black walnut wood is with superior sound characteristics. Each wood housing grain is different, so each headphone is unique. Metal ring, cloud shape mesh and wood housing give a classic and luxury design.

Audio cable

The cable for P II is made by 6N single crystalline copper wire, which ensures there is no signal missing during transmission. It is very soft and there is no noise when enjoying music.

The plug termination is of 4.4mm in diameter, which is getting more popular with new audio devices. At the same time, it is equipped with a 4.4mm (female) to 3.5mm (male) adapter, ensuring compatibility with most sources.

Package content

1. P II headphone x 1pc

2. 1.6m audio cable x 1pc

3. 4.4mm to 3.5mm adaptor x 1pc

4. Headphone carrying case x 1pc

5. Cable bag x 1pc


Over ear

Transducer type

Planar magnetic

Transducer size


Frequency response

20Hz - 40KHz


98dB +/- 3dB


32 Ohm +/-15%

Cable length

1.6M +/-0.2M


4.4mm balanced