Raal VM-1a

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Raal VM-1a

Vari-Mode (Triode, Ultralinear, Pentode) Tube Amplifier for SR1 and CA1 Ribbon Headphones

Variable Mode Select for Ultra-Linear, Triode, Pentode Operation Vacuum Tube, Direct Drive for all RAAL-requisite Ribbon Headphones Selectable SR-1 a Open-Baffle Compensation &
CA-1 a Non-Compensation for Both Outputs
24-Step Precision Attenuator
Transformer Balanced 3-pin XLR Inputs (left/right)
Outputs for Simultaneous Dual Headphone Operation
Toroidal Power Transformer Magnetically Shielded and Epoxy Cased Toroidal Output Transformers Magnetically Shielded and Epoxy Cased 115V & 230V Voltage Select

6SN7 Dual-Triode Input Tube (Tung-Sol 6SN7GTB)
EL34 (2 each) Splitter/Driver (Apex Matched Mullard EL34)
EL34 (4 each) Output Power (Apex Matched Mullard EL34 Quartet) Input Impedance: 50KQ
Input Sensitivity: 2V
Distortion: < 1 %
S/N Ratio: 72dB
Weight: 13Kg / 29lbs.


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