Moondrop Kato

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Color: Shiny Silver
Option: New

After deep research of over two years, Moondrop has developed a brand new ULT(Ultra Linear Technology) Super Linear Dynamic Driver for its latest IEM. Moondrop Kato is launched officially today featuring a 10mm ULT dynamic driver unit that utilizes a DLC composite diaphragm coil. Enjoy your music with great precision, accuracy, and clarity with the Moondrop Kato!! 

Self Developed Ultra-Linear Dynamic Driver Unit:-

Moondrop has designed a new 10mm ULT super linear dynamic driver unit that features a DLC composite diaphragm coil. The driver features a composite magnetic circuit that creates a powerful magnetic force inside the cavity allowing for swift movement of the driver coil. It also has a larger brass cavity, an imported CCAW coil, and a high-frequency waveguide system to provide nothing else but exceptional sound.

3rd Generation DLC Composite Diaphragm:-

Moondrop has featured a 3rd generation DLC(Diamond-Like Carbon) composite diaphragm coil in the latest Kato IEMs. This diaphragm is made up of three different materials with different characteristics including DLC. DLC provides it high-rigidity, high damping coefficient. It is lightweight and sturdy. It provides great clarity in sound with lower distortion and a clean background.

Professionally Designed Front Cavity:-

Moondrop has designed Kato earpieces with the help of volume and structure simulation by Finite Element Analysis Simulation. Combined with high-frequency phase guide components on the driver, the front cavity arrangement in Kato is superior to other so-called special tuning components.

Replaceable Ear Sound Nozzle:-

Moondrop has designed Kato with a replaceable ear nozzle design. They have included two sets of sound nozzles in the package, made with different materials(Steel & Brass). Both the Steel and Brass provide different characteristics to the sound, users can switch between them easily.

Self-Developed Patented Acoustic Filter In Nozzle:-

Moondrop Kato has a brand-new third-generation patented anti-blocking filter integrated on the ear nozzle. It prevents oily ear wax from blocking the filters and is more conducive to mid and high-frequency sound.

Newly Developed Spring Silicone Ear Tips:-

Moondrop has designed new spring silicone ear tips that suppress weak resonance through a special diffusion structure. It also helps in lowering high-frequency linear distortion caused by nozzle resonance making the output more natural and pleasing. These new ear tips also help in providing a better fit for its users.