iBasso AMP14

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iBasso AMP14 - KORG Vacuum Nutube Amplifier card for DX300 and DX320

Give your DX320 / DX300 improved tonality and soundstage and 4.4mm BAL outputs with iBasso's latest Nutube AMP14

  • Uses improved 6th Gen KORG Triode Vacuum Tube for rich overtones
  • Cathode Input for lower impedance and less interference
  • 4.4mm Balanced PO + 4.4mm Balanced LO outputs
  • Dedicated battery for AMP card
  • Advanced circuit design for improved noise floor and noise reduction

AMP14 module

An Engaging, Unique Vacuum Tube Sound

Provided by KORG and Noritake, this 6th Gen Nutube operates exactly as a conventional triode vacuum tube and creates the same characteristic rich overtones that are sought after in triode tubes. Concurrently, the Nutube achieves substantial power saving, miniaturization, and quality improvements when compared with a conventional vacuum tube.

The AMP14 completes voltage amplification through the Nutube, while giving AMP14 an engaging, unique vacuum tube sound while delivering excellent linearity.

4.4mm Balanced PO + 4.4mm Balanced LO

The AMP14 utilizes Nutube 6P1 as a voltage amplifier, followed by a JFET differential converter to realize the L-, L+, R+, R- differential output. AMP14 adopts two JRC volume control chips, which forms a total 4 channel true balanced volume control. The signal then passes through the 4 channel balanced output buffer stage. Pentaconn 4.4mm balanced sockets are used, which have excellent acoustic quality and durability.

  • Balanced PO Output: 5.2Vrms
  • Balanced LO Output: 1.8Vrms

ibasso amp 14 shot of ports

Cathode Input, Lower Impedance, Less Interference

The AMP14 adopts a cathode input. The cathode impedance is lower than the grid, resulting in reduced signal interference from external sources. AMP14 is designed to have excellent noise floor control. Also, the WiFi interference is low, which brings a better online streaming experience. The tube microphonic effect is also well controlled.

Dedicated Battery + Dual Linear Technology DC-DC Chips

The AMP14 card has a power design that helps achieve performance upper limits. The AMP section of the DX320/DX300 has its own battery power, which is perfect for the AMP14, as it is an AMP card with strict power supply requirements.

Two pieces of high performance DC-DC chips from Linear Technology, with a total of 4 DC-DC power supplies are utilized by AMP14. One DC-DC is 3.6V for the cathode through a low-noise LDO, and one is 14V for the anode of Nutube and one is +8V and one is -8V, which constitutes the 16V volt swing, which feeds the OP AMPS.

Advanced Circuit Design

  • Inherited from AMP9, the Toshiba 2SK209 field effect transistor is adopted as the Nutube signal output buffer.
  • Signal grounding and shield grounding are separated to prevent noise interference.
  • Appropriate negative feedback to the amplifier circuit effectively reduces distortion and extends the frequency bandwidth.
  • By adding a dedicated JRC ultra-low noise volume control, the noise floor is reduced when using low volumes or during quieter parts of the music. Transparency is also enhanced with this implementation.

Hand Matched: Every AMP14 is a Masterpiece

Each AMP14 is tested and matched with an AP audio analyzer with 3 multi-turn potentiometers on the AMP14 board, which are manually calibrated and matched by engineers to reach the optimal performance of the Nutube.

The AMP14 brings together a clean extended upper frequency and a sweet and engaging sound for your musical enjoyment.

AMP14 is Compatible with the DX300/DX320

Please update the firmware to the latest version to have optimized support.

If you have a DX320 Edition X, your included matching faceplates will be compatible with the AMP14 adapter.

When streaming, the AMP14 may experience subtle WiFi interference when data buffering. This is almost inaudible at normal volumes, and the sensitivity and impedance of different earphones may contribute to variations in WiFi interference.

Output port: 4.4mm

iBasso 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty