Final Audio D8000Pro LE: Complement V Cable

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Sleeve Color: Black + Green + Metallic Gold
Optional Wire Upgrade: No Upgrade
Sale price$600.00


Final Audio D8000Pro LE: Complement V Cable

With the announcement of the D8000Pro LE, we are please to offer a cable to "complement" them. We have worked with Double Helix Cables and Viking Weave Cables to make this possible.

Each cable take 5 hours of work which can be seen in every polished aspect of the cable. As a part of this offering we have taken a $1000 retail cable and are offering it for $600 as part of this promotion.

The Wire

Complement C is an all new design combining the best attributes of our longstanding Clone, Complement, and Prion lines.  Equipped with a full 18.8awg of pure OCC copper litz for all four signal wires, Complement C is a flexible & compact design that brings previously impossible goals within reach.  And it does so while taking up no more than half the size of Prion4.

The cable will come in 6 ft length unless otherwise specified.

The Splitter

Through trial and error, we have worked in collaboration with Double Helix Cables to get a print made that includes all logos that made this project possible. Through his expertise in design and print work, we were able to get a perfect bronze cast made.

Building off Viking Weave Cables work with custom resin inlays, the splitter is finished off with gorgeous colors to compliment both the headphone and the cable.

Each splitter requires hours of hand work. There are multiple steps of hand polishing and placement of parts.


Each cable will be terminated with black aluminum and bronze xlr with gold plated copper pins and Teflon insulation.

The right and left channels are terminated with Final's locking 3.5mm plugs. This cable is cross compatible with other 3.5mm Headphones including other Final Headphones and Hifiman.

If another termination is needed, please reach out to us

Upgrade Options

Each cable can be upgraded to using C15 wire or Prion4 wire. If the upgrade option is selected, the custom split will be used as a logo tube on one channel. A cast metal split will be used in place as the Y-split. Refer to the diagram below.

Final Logo tube position

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