Factory Refurbished Focal Clears

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Made in our Focal Workshops in St. Etienne France, Clear is our newest reference high-fidelity headphone, taking inspiration from our best technologies found in Utopia and innovations that defined Elear. Clear's full-range speakers and open back design reveal the tiniest musical details. This is important because it is the widely held impression that headphones reduce the listening space, thus impeding the realism of the sound reproduction. We have designed Clear to bet the pinnacle of openness, when you're wearing Clear you will forget you are even wearing headphones. Closing your eyes, it is as if you are seated in the middle of a custom listening room with the best high-fidelity speakers available placed in front of you. This is because of the inverted aluminum/magnesium alloy M-profile dome which preserves breath and dynamics worthy of our finest high-fidelity speakers. While the micro-perforated ear cushions, specially designed yoke, and luxury headband make Clear both light and comfortable. What you will hear is unparalleled uniformity, and what you will feel is a transcendent understand of music. Welcome to absolute sound. 


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