Decca London Jubilee

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Decca London Jubilee Cartridge

Has around 40 hours of use.

Stvlus: extended line-contact
Frequency range: 20Hz to 40kHz
Output: 5mV
VTF: 1.8g
Weight: 6.7g
Output impedance: 2k ohms
Dynamic compliance: 15×10-6cm/Dyne
Channel separation @ 1kHz: >25dB
Load impedance: 47k ohms /I|/The London Jubilee is individually hand crafted, using coils wound of oxygen-free copper conductors and high flux samarium cobalt magnets. Its cartridge body is machined by computer from a solid block of aluminium, and shaped to hold the motor assembly and the polished, natural grain-oriented, line-contact diamond stylus with absolute precision. This acoustically inert cartridge body contributes to the Jubilee's low-coloration music reproduction. The Jubilee has no long cantilever and no
"rubbery" fulcrum point to absorb, dissipate and smear the vital musical energy. Instead, the stylus is attached directly to a magnetically active metal support just a few microns thick (armature) which passes through the centre of the main generating coil positioned only about 1 millimetre above the stylus! The stylus motion is not inverted or "transformed" to a smaller value, as in long cantilever designs. Flowing from this immediate positive-direct scanning of the groove is a breathtaking, lifelike quality. The listener tends to feel that the performing artists are actually in the same room, with a startling, palpable presence. Price new is 3000usd and asking only 1900usd. And it's like new very very low hours. It sounds amazing too, just does not track as well as some other carts so not recommended on anything other than ideal pieces of wax. No warped albums :) not a problem for mos