Cayin RU6

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Cayin RU6

Discrete 24-Bit R-2R Ladder Resistor Network Explained

The basic idea of R-2R ladder is a matched pair of two resistors, the first "R" and the other is "2R" which has twice the value of R.

To achieve 24bit R-2R decoding, we need 48 pieces of resistors (23xR and 25x2R) for one channel, or 96 pieces of high precision resistors for stereo. R-2R is famous for its natural and realistic sound signature, it'll offer a very different experience to music lovers.

To achieve 24-bit R-2R decoding, Cayin searches for the resistors that can deliver extreme precision and remain stable during temperature changes.

Ultra Precision Low TCR Thin Film Resistor



1/1,00 Ultra  High Precision

25 ppm/°C Low Temperature

Coefficient of Resistance

Nos or OS Dual DA Mode


  • Maintain the original sampling rate of the source bitstream.
  • Digital filter-less, no post-processing, optimized in time domain, low phase distortion and jitter, no ringing artifact.
  • Musical with vivid emotions, sounds natural, organic and coherent.


  • Increase sampling rate (upsampling) through interpolation before DA.
  • Enhances resolution, reduces noise and improves anti-aliasing, optimized in frequency domain.
  • Impressive details and frequency extension, clean and sharp presentation with darker background

Discrete Volume Control

R-2R DAC circuit is very demanding on incoming data integrity, digital volume of mobile phone will damage sound quality badly.

When off-the-shelf volume options cannot meet high precision, low noise, low power consumption requirements of RU6, we developed our own discrete resistor array volume control.

0-99 steps volume control through 9 segments of resistors and switching relays, meet all the RU6 requirements and transparent to maintain the natural sound signature of R-2R DAC.

Intuitive and Versatile

Hardware volume buttons for convenient control, doubled as menu selection when enter Mode settings.

1" OLED screen displays playback information with good visibility.

3.5mm and 4.4mm phone out to fit your earphone collection.

Ultimate Dual Main Boards Layout

To minimize interference, RU6 circuitry is split into TWO 6-layers PCB, with digital and analog circuit installed in separate boards.

Safeguard signal integrity, make sure the noise from reference clock and DSP will not bleed into the amplification circuit.

Low Power Consumption Highly Compatible

Discrete R-2R is a low-power DAC circuit when compare to other highly integrated DAC chipset, minimized power drain from mobile source.

USB Audio with shielded interconnect USB-C interconnect, compatible with wide range of mobile, consumer electronics and computers.

RU6 is compatible with the following digital audio sources:

  • iOS and iPadOS
  • macOS computers
  • Windows 7/8/8.1/10
  • Android mobiles and tablets
  • Digital Audio Players

High Resolution and High Fidelity

High-end digital audio capability.
  • PCM: supports up to 384kHz
  • DSD: supports DSD64/128/256

Choice of High/Low gain to enhance performance with different IEM or portable friendly headphones.

Not the Smallest...

Net weight around 28g only, it is small enough to slip into your smallest pocket.

Cayin RU6: R-2R USB-C DAC/Amp Dongle - MusicTeck